Until today I never fully understood the message of love( towards one another).I’ve always displayed some kind of naivety under the guise of ‘my reality cannot be your reality’ and I’ve always taken offence albeit rightly. I bore grudge against those who hurt me in the past even as a Born again Christian because I had reasons to justify my actions.

I always asked myself these questions: how can I consciously forgive a woman who hurt me badly, lied against me and went diabolical on me when I only had pure love for her? How can I forgive former acquaintances who took my generosity for granted with no sense of gratitude? Or a colleague who was caught burying charms with my name? Etc.

I always justified my reasons by telling myself that holding on to offence has never hindered the flow of God’s power in my life and that my un forgiveness can never be tethered by base religious morality and teachings. But today God changed my mentality when he led me the Ist John 4.,which made understand that God May NOT eternally damn my transgressors because they wronged me, but He might be unhappy with me because I refused to love my neighbours which was His Commandment.Today I reassessed the concept of my God and I resolved to have a mind bleach and forgive wholehearted those that caused me pains in the past.
This bible chapter gave me an opportunity to assess , to appreciate and to find meaning of God’s love.

Based on this understanding, I hereby forgive those who caused me pain in the past WHOLEHEARTEDLY. I chose to love you today not because I want to but because God commanded me to. I hereby beseech you my dear friends to ask for the Grace to do the same if you are in the position as I was. Shalom

Chioma xxx



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