PERSON OF THE WEEK: Helmut Scholler

Helmut Scholler is a wine farmer in South West Germany. He is known for his tasty dry white wine Weissburgunder among others. He opened up to http://www.chiomaokoyeakpawusi.com about his wine farm, his philosophies and his family in our second edition of ‘Person of the Week’ column.

Helmut reveals that he is a 53 year old wine farmer, married with 4 children, 3 daughters and a son, who is being trained to become the next generation farmer in his yard. He stated that his wine farm is located at Birkweiler in the Southwest of Germany, which is 30 km from the French border. Helmut continued: “We have cold winters and not so extremely hot summers, which are the perfect conditions to make a great wine. And Birkweiler is also a nice holiday destination in summer.”1013995_395980837188976_1736358162_n

On his philosophies hard work and dedication and diversities: “Many wine farmers specialize in only wine growing and then render their harvest to a cooperative that processes the grape juice into wine. We do all these steps ourselves from growing to harvesting, fermentation and the final bottling. By this we are able to fine tune all the single steps in that long process to each other to get a high grade of harmony and perfection in our products. In that sense, every single bottle from our farm represents a piece of art.”

On his varieties of wine Helmut says: “We have more than 30 products in our program. Our main field is the dry white wine represented among some others like our Weissburgunder (Pinot Black) Chardonnay and Muskateller. Our red wine scale is lead by the Spätburgunder (Pinot Noire). We also emphasize on our production of champagne. Other side products include our dessert wines and wine related higher percentage beverages.”

He says that to recognize a good wine takes “a lot of experience as every glass of wine offers a universe of tastes on the tongue of a consumer. Our wines are dry (as opposed to sweet) but with an emphasis on the full fruit taste with all it’s many facets that we have in all the different sorts of vine plants in all our yards. And of course, we also offer sweet dessert wines with a high grade of ripe fruits natural sugar.”

When quizzed about exceptional wine quality, the wine farmer said: “In every year it is possible to make very nice white wine, but years with a very hot summer are especially good for red wines, like back in 2003 ans 2015.”

He also stated that to be a successful wine farmer and wine producer, one needs to develop a flair for wine farming. “Our wines make people happy and we welcome international customers. Everyone is welcome to our farm to have a taste of our beautiful wine”, Helmut reiterated.

Helmut can be reached on:

Tel- +4963453529

Address- Weingut Scholler, Alte Kirchstrasse 76831 Birkweiler, Germany.

website- http://www.weingut-scholler.de

email- info@weingut-scholler.de

Photo Credits: Helmut Scholler


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