Pretzeled Logic according to Urban Dictionary is “a fallible, twisted or a circular reasoning that when dissected is wrong, does not make sense or does not explain the situation rationally.” Pretzeled logic is a kind of convoluted reasoning. I cited few examples using Nigeria as a case study.

  1. We recovered loots from corrupt politicians in Nigeria amounting to billions, yet we still get aids from countries like Germany, US and UK almost equivalent to the recovered amount.
  2. She makes reference to God as the architect of her success yet she has a VIP memebership in a Native Doctor’s shrine.
  3. She said Nigerians don’t have a reading culture but she promotes her books in Nigeria and expects Nigerians to buy her books.
  4. She hates Nigerian men and at every given opportunity, she paints a picture of how unfaithful they all are, yet she’s praying to God for a ‘Good’ Nigerian Husband.
  5. She tried so much to keep her relationship away from the social media and from  the internet voltrons that have their permanent residence there, yet she got engaged and plastered her engagement pictures on the same social media.
  6. His religious beliefs are against taking alcohol, yet he takes Guinness stout to stop stomach upset and doesn’t consider it an alcohol but herbs. Pretzeled Logic.
  7. She said she is not bothered about her damaged edges (when I recommended my magic wonder castor oil and peppermint oil for growing frontal hair), yet she wears wigs and weaves to hide her badly damaged edges.
  8. She doesn’t believe in shouting AMEN when a positive prophecy has been uttered but she’s quick to shout “Back to Sender” if it’s a negative one.
  9. He lives a life of affluence as a result of engaging in fraudulent activities (yahoo yahoo) yet he supported the killing of a 7 year old boy caught stealing food items.
  10. He said all pretty girls have entitlement mentality, yet he wants a pretty girl as a wife.
  11. She hates wearing her hair in it’s natural state and she hates naturalistas because to her they look untidy with their kinky hairs, yet she buys kinky weaves that looks exactly like a Natural Nigerian hair to have a natural look.
  12. He is rich but never spends money on his family members, yet he goes out to social functions and sprays wads of cash in their thousands.

photo Credits: Google images/Steely Dan.



  1. Hello Chi gurl, your work is very refreshing, bringing a taste of fresh air into the already congested social media jagonry. Pump it up honey! 💪🏾
    SkyKing 🛩🌈

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