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We are thrilled to have the gorgeous, soft-spoken, Nigerian based Makeup artist Isabella Umahi, who worked with the international makeup brand INGLOT, grace our Person of the Week Column. Isabella Umahi is the CEO of Isabel Makeovers a reputable brand here in Nigeria.

She shared with us the highlights of her enviable career, beauty advice and she also dished advice for upcoming make up artists.

Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Umahi Isabella, CEO of Isabelmakeover. I hail from Enugu state. I had my primary and secondary school education in Lagos and then I bagged a degree at Enugu State University of Science and Technology where I studied Economics. I thoroughly do reading and traveling.


What’s the most important beauty advice you give to your clients?

Always take off your makeup before going to bed, this is very important as the skin needs to breathe.

What common beauty mistakes do ladies make?

Not properly blending the makeup. I always tell students in my master class this: “Blending is the key to a good makeup, Ladies!”.c

What beauty products do you recommend every lady should have?

Brow pencils, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, powder and lipstick. These are the basic makeup products every lady should have.

What’s your favourite makeup product?

My favourite makeup product is my INGLOT gel liner 77, it’s so dark and just glides on the eyes. It’s the bomb guys!g

As a professional make up artist, one would expect to see you on a face filled with make up on daily basis. Do you feel otherwise?

I feel people really expect that, but that’s always not the case. Inasmuch as I love makeup, there are some days I choose to go makeup free to allow my skin to breathe which is also very important if you aspire to have a flawless skin.

What’s your favourite beauty quote?

Less is more.

Any advice for budding make up artists?

Consistency is the key in this profession and you also need to be very passionate about makeup.

I always tell my students to be eager to learn something new everyday and not to be afraid to try out new techniques as they never know what will work better for them in the future. Moreover, put God first in everything you do.

Do you ever organize make up master classes and how can someone register?

Yes I do organize makeup classes every month. For enquiries and registration, call or add us on Whatsapp with this number +2347063685871.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspired by so many people around me especially my colleagues that are doing great in the industry.

How long have you been a make up artist and how did you get your big break in the industry?

I have been a makeup artist for three years and I got my big break when I started working for INGLOT Nigeria.

Do you have a catalogue of photos where your customers who walk into store undecided can choose from?

No I do not have a catalogue but I show my clients my page on Instagram so they can look through if they want and then choose any particular look they like but I don’t limit them to that. We can always try out whatever they have in mind.


What are the challenges you’ve faced and what’s the biggest misconception about professional make up artists?

The challenges I face are with customers that are really hard to please. Some clients insist on a particular look not factoring that as a makeup artist, it is your job to consider the tone, texture and other things. Most times I try cajole them and meet them halfway so they still look good and we both have happy ending.

I think the biggest misconception about our job  is when people think applying makeup only entails the use of  powder and lipstick so consequently, they should pay little or nothing for it. Sincerely, professional makeup involves a lot of techniques that goes beyond lipstick and powder. We use lots of products and spend ample amount of time in makeup artistry to achieve a glamorous look on a client.


Lets talk price affordability. Most ladies certainly want to get professional make up but they complain the prices are always expensive. Is your brand affordable and does it call for inclusion and diversities?

I would say my brand is very affordable.

Who is your idol in the make up industry?

In Nigeria I have a lot of MUA’s whom I adore their work but I’ll say Jideofstola and Makeupbymario who is my best foreign Makeup artist.

How can one get in touch with you and can one consult you for make up related matters?

Yes I can be consulted for makeup related matters and I can be reached on +2347063685871. Also on Instagram – Isabel Umahi.

Any word for us at

Thank You so much for allowing me grace your blog and I really appreciate this. Keep doing the good work and the Lord will take you places.

Photos Credits: Isabel Makeovers



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