I lost a piece of the upper part of my anterior tooth 19 years ago when I was only 7. I was a very playful kid who will trade her food for playing with other kids, erecting sand houses (which were easily washed away by the rain).


It was a sunny afternoon in February, I was playing with my fellow kids when the teacher came after us with a long cane (so typical of Nigerian teachers. Lol) to go in for the next class – math class. I hated Math class and I never did well in it.

As we ran, I fell face flat, my head spun, little stars literally came out of my eyes and in my pain, the teacher lashed on my bum with her long cane. I managed to get up and I noticed a broken part of my tooth and drops of blood on the floor. I froze.

I was in a state of shock with tears flowing freely from my eyes as I picked up the broken piece of my tooth not knowing the gravity of the change that occurred.

At the same time I was scared and there were many questions playing themselves out on my head: „How will I face my sisters who constantly reminded me how ugly I looked?“, „Can my tooth ever be fixed?“ Etc.

When I got home I tiptoed into the room and went straight to the mirror. Ordinarily I didn’t fancy looking in the mirror as life didn’t interest me that much.

Later, I summoned to courage to show my family members my „new look“. Their reaction wasn’t far from expectation. I was laughed to scorn and I remembered my aunt saying these words to me “A na-ekwu na ijoro njo na-ese okwu, i ga kupukwo eze gi” which means “We are still talking about your terrible ugly looks and now you added a broken tooth to your list.“

My self confidence was shattered, I rarely laughed because I became very conscious of my tooth and the constant barrage of questions from strangers made it more difficult.

10 years ago, I visited a dentist to get amalgam fillings on my molars and I seized the opportunity to ask him if my tooth could be fixed. He expressed doubts about it which made me think all hopes were lost.

I learnt to live with my broken tooth but I still hated to smile or laugh. Some people automatically assumed I was a mean girl, a snub with a dour personality.

Well years later, I met someone who helped me through therapy. I  learnt to look in the mirror and I discovered I was a SUPERMODEL. I said it many times until I believed it.

A few weeks ago, I went to my dentist to change my amalgam fillings and he told me he can fix my tooth and he did. The first few days after that,I had to relearn how to talk as every sound I made had an ‘s’ undertone.


Finally, I fixed my broken tooth and I got a perfect smile now. So here I am showing off my perfect pearly smile!



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