Bible texts: Isiah 10:27; John 14:26; Acts 1:8.

The work of the Holy Spirit is to make the lives of believers comfortable. When the annointing of God comes upon a man, he looks fat in the spirit which makes it impossible for him to be yoked by the devil.

The annointing is the power of God upon man. Annointing stops every progress of the enemy immediately.


1. The annointing of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus enabled Him to heal the sick and raise the dead. Acts 10:18.

2. Annointing creates fears in demons and shatters plans of the enemy against God’s people.

3. It helps a believer to stand against anything and also creates boldness. The moment the annointing came upon Peter, he had the boldness to stand before a multitude to preach without fear.

4. Annointing is not necessarily energy or enthusiasm, it’s so much more!

5. Annointing is not emotion nor excitement.

6. Annointing enables a believer to handle any enemy present in his/her life. 2nd Cor 3:5.

7. The Holy Spirit impacts specific annointing in people. The purpose of annointing is for deliverance.

8. The Holy Spirit impacts specific Grace in a particular moment. Matthew 18:18; Jeremiah 1:5.

9. Annointing fights those that criticize Him. Criticizing annointing makes one live at the mercy of the enemy.

10. The Holy Spirit selects His annointed.

11. The annointing that you respect is the annointing that will bless you and grow in you.

Prayer: Dear Lord, annoint me as you annointed Jesus with Holy Ghost and power and He went about doing good. Amen.

Rev Dr Bright Chibike is the founder of Dominant Throne Int’l church Awka where great armies are raised for Christ.

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