Although it’s still considered myth by some scholars but to me it is a reality, an experience. Photographic memory refers to the ability to recall pages of text or numbers, words, etc in great detail while eidetic has a lot to do with images.

6 years ago, when the first season of Suits (a legal comedy-drama) was originally aired, we saw a character named Mike Ross (an extremely intelligent guy with a photographic memory who didn’t go to any law School, yet he wiggled his way/wowed Harvey Specter “the best closer New York has ever had” to become a renowned attorney).

The story revolves around Harvey Specter, a big-time Manhattan corporate lawyer who was in need of an associate and Mike Ross, a college dropout who was a legal prodigy and booksmart also. Mike described himself as a guy with photographic memory (who, once he pictures something, it is forever stored in his brain). How amazing!

Growing up, I was just like Mike (in most ways). I had the ability to remember things in so much detail, clarity, and accuracy that it is as though I invented them, myself. My brain processed information quickly and it was retentive as well, thereby making my studies so effortless.


People described it as a gift; one I didn’t labour for. I felt it was God’s own way of compensating me for being ugly as my sisters would always say.

This rare gift made people overestimate my capabilities; they equated me to known geniuses 😊 (high compliments though), and all these plus being a prodigy, turned me to a freak (story for another day).

I remember being the first 9 year old to be admitted in my college, THEN (this was in 2000). I looked so small and I still remembered being teetered between joy and tears, but in all my ‘lovely’ naivety was hard to be unnoticed. Being the youngest student, made me quite popular (not excluding the iron box my mum gave me as a suitcase plus my inability to wake up on my own unless someone gave me a thunderous slap). One of the many downsides of attending an all girls borading school!

I was that small girl whose brain was always busy, being awesome. My ability to recite a book within minutes of looking at it made my teachers gravitate towards me – even though I never studied hard, so it can’t be said it’s hard work. It was photographic memory!

Sadly, I didn’t know my photographic memory had an expiry date. I was enjoying it up till the university level. People clamoured to sit next to me in the exam hall because I was generous with my answer scripts. Surprisingly, I made some money with this gift.

In 2011, I had an awful experience in life which made me experience anterograde amnesia. My brain was resetted to it’s factory setting as a result of this psychological trauma. Remembering things got extremely difficult. I became heavily dependent on my diary to remember basic things (which was never the case). I was shattered and extremely depressed. My gift was taken away when I needed it most.

Sincerely, I can’t pride myself as Ms photographic memory anymore but I really enjoyed every bit of my intellectual days, achievements and recognition. I hope one day, I will experience a miracle of restoration but until then, I’m basking in the glory of the past.

Have you ever had similar experience? How did you tackle it? Let’s meet at the comment section

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  1. I have similar experience. I had a terrible accident in 1997 which left me in a wheel chair, it was so horrific that I can’t use my legs anymore and I couldn’t identify my wife anymore. I went through bouts of therapy and even hypnosis.
    Anyway, with time you will regain your memory and to counter what your sisters said- you are so beautiful and you write so well !

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