I’ve had many wristwatches but none has had a wow effect on me like my wristwatch from this high-end brand, Michael Kors.

2 years ago, I welcomed Michael Kors MK5613 Women’s Diamante Embellished Single Chronograph Bracelet Silver Watch, into my life to help me keep track of the day, but ‘She’ ended up adding sophistication to all my ensemble.

The main reason I welcomed this timeless accessory into my life is to tell time but she ended up giving herself multiple responsibilities:

● In darkness, she works perfectly without me needing external light to tell time.

● She shines so bright like a diamond because of the encrusted glittering crystals around the bezel.

● She’s water resistant .

● She has a sleek beautiful look just like the wearer😊


● She doesn’t irritate my skin because she was made from fine quality case, crystals etc

● She adds class to my outfit.


● I’ve enjoyed this irriestable timepiece just for 230 pounds (#91597.90).

● The indexes are so simple with a single chronograph.

What’s not to love about this beautiful timepiece? You can get yours here at http://ww1.shopestyle.co.uk/

Photo credits: Chioma Okoye


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