Huh? Pineapple bath kwa?

This might be your reaction right now but just before you make another sound, READ.

Sometimes, I wish I can tame my curious mind but sadly, it’s impossible but that’s okay.

Now let’s waltz back to the post and explain more. Pineapple contains high amount of vitamin C and manganese which is good for the body and needed for maintaining a healthy skin.

The vitamin C in the pineapple may help prevent and treat ultraviolet (UV)-induced photo damage, while the manganese which is also found in some plants, animals and even in our bones acts as an antioxidant and also as a wrinkle smoother.

I first lathered my regular Clinique soap on my face (read more on about Clinique Soap here) then after some minutes, I used Mystic Jungle Duschgel as my shower gel (the smell is lovely too).

After the 20 minutes of a soothing bathe, I allowed the pineapple water to dry on my skin (so I can maximise the benefits).


When I noticed the pineapple water has been absorbed by skin, I used my Argan Oil night repair serum and then applied coconut oil to my skin and here’s the result.


So if you want an Age-defying skin then you might want to try this out.

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