Bible Texts: Heb 11:24-26; John 1:1; Deuteronomy 8:7-10.

Faith doesn’t look for problems to solve, rather it produces solution.

One thing is for someone to come out of “Egypt’ and another is for “Egypt” to come out from them. Egypt in this context is a place of bondage, a mentality.

Until you allow Egypt to go out from you, your promised land will elude you. In the New testament, the Promised Land is a state where all your dreams, visions, expectations come true. To enter the Promised Land is to enter the fulfillment of your destiny.

The moment you become a born again christian, God starts you on a journey to destiny. God’s reason for bringing us out of Egypt is to bring us into His blessings.

It is very important for people to get the picture of where God is taking them because until that picture is acquired, one might find it difficult getting to their destination.

God’s promise and purpose is not for His children to be in lack rather to exceed greatly and build “goodly houses” Deuteronomy 8:7-10.


1. People in the category of NOT ENOUGH. This set of people are yet to leave “Egypt”. They are always in dire need and they labour like an elephant and eat like an ant.

It is a level of being completely in bondage because they are being controlled by demonic taskmasters.

2. People in the category of JUST ENOUGH. This set of people have successfully left “Egypt” but have not reached their promised Land.

At this level, people receive according to the level of their pressing needs. This level is laced with struggles but also, it is a level where God trains one on how to handle His blessings.

Christians who don’t practice covenant obligations (tithe, offering, firstfruit, giving of alms etc) might find it difficult getting to the next level.

3. The level of MORE THAN ENOUGH/ LAND OF PROMISE. This is a level where dreams have become realities and not a mere confession. People in this level have fully grown to sonship level. Most have have successfully learned their inheritance in Christ which is contained in the Book of Joshua and Ephesians.

Believers are therefore admonished to see afar off and ask God for the grace to get to the level of overflow.

Prayer: My father, please push me to the level of More than enough through your son Jesus. AMEN!

Rev Dr Bright Chibike is the founder of Dominant Throne Int’l church Awka where great armies are raised for Christ.

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