It gives me so much joy to interview smart and beautiful ladies because it’s short in supply in this our internet age.

Our today’s guest broke the internet last week when the picture of her 10 month hair growth surfaced online. Jael is such a sweet soul. When I reached out to her, I honestly didn’t know she’ll oblige, but luckily we secured an exclusive interview with her.

The Cape Verdean graced our “Person Of The Week” column where we discussed everything from mane matters to the secrets to her beautiful, luscious hair. How thrilling? Enjoy.

Hello and welcome to my blog. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

“My name is Jael Patrícia, 30 years old and a Cape Verdean. I work as a civil engineer and I love everything natural, from food to beauty. I also love nature and landscape photography and above all, I am a naturalista.”

Your natural hair caused Instagram frenzy last week and many people reached out to you to know your secrets. Therefore, can you please share with us the secret to growing your hair longer within the time of ten months?

“Yes, I wasn’t expecting such comeback when I posted my 10 months journey on Instagram and so many questions about what I did to grow my hair in 10 months.

Honestly, I didn’t do anything to make it grow faster. I mean, didn’t use anything for growth, no products for growth, no protective styles nor vitamins. My hair did always grow fast but of course the healthy aspect of my hair is because I really take care of my hair.”



What or who inspired you to go natural?

“Who inspired me? My mom. Yes my mom, went natural some months before I did and her hair was so healthy and beautiful that I wanted my hair to be like that, even though we have different hair textures.”

Most naturalistas transition for some months before cutting off the damaged parts. Did you transition as well or was it a big chop?

“I just did the big chop, I didn’t transition because I was natural verões.”

Have you had any negative response/experience about your hair since you became a naturalista?

“Yes, I’ve had quite a few. Some months ago, some people including from my dad didn’t say positive things about it. Luckily, their opinions didn’t break me and didn’t make me give up.

Now my dad accept my hair and as for the other people I don’t really care about their opinion because I know natural hair is beautiful.”

What’s your washday routine?

“My washday routine is very simple. For 9 months months I used shampoo on my hair. So first I put shampoo on to clean my scalp or I co wash. After that, I deep condition using fruits, mayo, yoghurt, then I add a natural oil and moisturizer.”

What do you love most about your hair since you reverted to leaving your hair in it’s natural state?

“The versatility of hairstyles I can have with it, the shrinkage, the healthy look. Infact, I’m in awe of how much you can achieve with natural hair in terms of styling.”


What are your staple products?

“I don’t have any (she smiles). I use any product, as long as it doesn’t dry out my hair. I mostly use brazilian products because they are easy to find here (in Cape Verde). Now I’m using silicone free products only and no shampoo.”

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about going natural?
“I would say love your natural hair the way it is, the texture, the lenght, etc. Love it in every stage. Just know that your hair is different from other people’s  natural hair, so don’t compare your progress to others. Don’t mind what other people think about your natural hair, rock it with no apologies. Take care of your hair with love and it will be lovely.”
Where can we find you on social media?

“Well, I only have my instagram and a facebook page (where I’m not so active right now due of lack of free time):
Ig- @naturally_kriola;
fb page – Amo_meu_crespo_”

Any word for us at www.chiomaokoyeakpawusi.com?

“Thank you very much for the invitation and opportunity you are giving me and other naturalistas to share their experience and who knows to inspire other women to go natural. Keep up the good work.”


  1. Wow, can we please swap hairs?
    My 14month old hair looks like hers at 1 month old. She is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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