Bible Texts: 3rd John: 2; Job 36:11; Deutronomy 28:13.

God doesn’t want His children to be mediocres and that He is bent on blessing us. Spiritual prosperity is what brings about physical prosperity.

When God created us, He made us in His image after his likeness therefore we must fulfill His plans and purpose for us.

In the race of life, it is the presence of God that guarantees all round rest and supernatural speed. You cannot have God’s presence and still be a failure.

Joseph was set ahead of those before him because he has God’s presence. God’s presence guarantees His present. No matter what you’ve lost, if you’ve not lost the presence of God then you have not lost anything.

David was particularly interested in retaining the presence of God when he sinned as can be seen in his prayer in Psalm 51:11.

We must note that anytime God shows someone partiality, there is always something that brought about it.

Many believers are in need because they don’t know their need. We, the believers need the presence of God because it attracts goodness, mercy and also, God’s presence drives away oppression.


1. Laziness

2. Over sleeping

3. Spiritual blindness

4. Ignorance

5. Negligence

6. Lack of time management

7. Procastination

Prayer: Dear Lord, please do not take your presence away from me. Amen

Rev Dr Bright Chibike is the founder of Dominant Throne Int’l church Awka where great armies are raised for Christ.


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