Ada: I will start exercising today,

Me: That’s wonderful, cheers to your fit self.

Me: (one week later) How’s the workout going?

Ada: I forgot but I will definitely start tomorrow.

For Ada, the ‘I will never ends’. Today, I have one word for those that procastinate: ‘Do it now or forget it’.

How many times have you said you’ll do something but you ended up not doing it? Many times I guess. This post will guide you on how to totally curb procastination.

I have been in your shoes but not anymore. Before I launched my blog, I’ve said it for many years without doing it. I remember checking out simplesite and Jimdo Web Hosting Companies with the hope of launching a blog in 2013.

Each time I tried to attach action to my words, something tells me there is still time – I can do it tomorrow which is always never-ending.

Prior to this time, I’d never say anything and back it up with. I will always procastinate and the dream will eventually die or fizzle.

I even procastinated eating/hated eating which was the reason I became anorexic. I procastinated calling my parents and whenever they called, it will suddenly dawn on me that I’ve not been a wonderful daughter.

One day, I analysed my life and looked at how I could change and evolve. It took some time though before I could adjust but now I enjoy the ‘new me’.

I went from being lousy and unreliable to being disciplined and reliable.
Now you are wondering, how can I get the desired change I need?

1. Have a geniune thirst for change. You have to really hunger for it before it can come to you.

2. Renew your mindset. All these while you’ve been living the same way expecting different result but to become a better person, you need renew your ‘old man’ and welcome your new personality.

3. Reach out. Sometimes we underestimate the power of seeking help. Truth is, sometimes, alone we are helpless but with other people who are positive minded, lives can be changed. You can reach out to genuine friends or even write me. I will be more than willing to guide you through on how I broke this cycle of procastination.

4. Start doing it now. Heavens they say help those who help themselves.  You don’t expect a miracle if there is no deliberate action attached to it. You want to read a book, do it now. Don’t wait until you have a quiet time before you start reading. Start already and you will see how much pages you’ll cover within those minutes you gave your time to it.

5. Get self help books. I know most people have non challant attitude towards reading a Help-Book but I must assure you that Self-Help books help. Reading Brian Tracy’s “No Excuses” helped me achieve the change I desired for 7 years. You can also visit blogs like Positivelypositive . They have transformed many lives inadvertantly.

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