A single picture can have many interpretations. What we see usually depends on where we are standing and also on what we decide to see.


On my way back from Enugu this morning, I took these pictures. In these unfiltered snaps, I see life-fertility, growth and ambition.


The pictures spoke to me personally. The lanky tree needs the shrubs as a support. For it to stand tall, it needs to align itself to shrubs to get at it desired height.

Look around you, who do you need on the pitch or even at the sidelines to score that goal? When you look at these pictures, what exactly do you see?


One thought on “GREEN

  1. John

    Nice post miss.
    From where I’m standing, I see a tree which survived alone without interference from the shrubs.
    I personally believe that success is a personal thing. The shrubs could be the reason why the trees aren’t bearing fruits yet. Weed them out and see what happens next.

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