For most people especially those abroad, summer is their favourite season of the year. A time to take a holiday or do other fun things. Therefore, we have 8 suggestions on what you can do this summer to make it more fun.

1. Travel


This is my favourite month to travel but sadly, I’ve used up my annual leave in April. But for those who can travel this summer, make Nigeria your destination. There are great places you can visit like the famous Agulu lake.

Agulu lake is a great place for sight seeing and and it’s only 20 minutes drive from the capital city, Awka . If you are lucky, you might have the privilege to see crocodiles way older than you.


2. Give back


There are so many foundations that geniunely help people at the grass roots level like kokunfoundation that feeds hungry Nigerians on daily basis. You can also check out this sickle cell foundation, here.

Also you can help get child hawkers off the streets by enrolling them in summer classes.

3. Read a book


Cultivating a healthy reading pattern nourishes the mind thereby helping it to grow. As we need food to grow physically, we need to devour books to nourish our mind.

4. Give yourself a treat


We sometimes bury ourself in our work that we forget to pamper our body. Well, the repercussions outweigh the benefit (if there is any). Visit a spa, or you can DIY. Get a massage oil, cucumber, etc. But doing yourself might not give you maximum result.

5. Listen to good music


Personally I have an eclectic taste in music but rock music is my best genre. My love for pink floyd song is unquantifiable.Buy the album of your favourite artist and sing along.

You can find my beautiful rendition of Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd in the video below.


6. Exercise


Yes, I’m a bit of an exercise fanatic. My love for washboad inspired me to join a workout group so I can get an enviable washboard abs and in addition, it helped my overall health.

You can go for a run which is inexpensive than getting a gym membership.

For my washboard abs, I try a Stick crunch. Fisrt I start in a basic crunch with my feet off the ground and then balance the stick on my ankle. I keep it steady by flexing my feet

7.  Eat Healthy meals


Piling up junks is one of the quickest ways to becoming morbidly obese and I’m sure you don’t want that. Eat balanced diets and don’t underrate the importance of fruits.

8. Change your decor


If you’ve been mulling over a decor change,  now is the time to do it. Transforming your apartment by adding simple add ons like throw pillow, wallpapers, changing your bulb, can boost your mood and make you home feel more homely

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4 thoughts on “8 THINGS TO DO THIS SUMMER

  1. John

    It’s nice of you inviting foreigners to your country, but what about the boko haram epidemic?
    Nice posts anyway?

    1. chiomaokoyeakpawusi

      John, the Boko Haram devils operate in the Northern part of Nigeria. The southern part of the country is safe.
      Thank you for contributing.

  2. Rodriguez

    My favorite thing to do every summer is to travel with my girlfriend. We intend visiting Mozambique this year. Maybe we can do Nigeria next year.
    I rarely get emails about your new posts. What gives?

    1. chiomaokoyeakpawusi

      That’s a nice one Rodriguez. I wish you guys safe trip to Mozambique.
      I really want to appreciate you for your interest in my blog and I’m truly sorry that you don’t receive our emails. Please can you check your spam box? If not, maybe you’ll need to unsubscribe and subscribe again. Let me know if you find these helpful. Thank you and Happy summer!!

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