I wanted to share this story as a single post but at a point, I reconsidered because compressing this story will be tantamount to compressing the truth. This series will chronicle my induction, my personal experience as a satanic worshipper and my conversion to Christianity.

I grew up in a catholic home. I had my infant baptism, received my first Holy Communion and was confirmed in a catholic church.

My parents were staunch Catholics which was why they sent my siblings and me to a missionary school to be trained by Rev Sisters.

Part of the training involved waking up at 5.30 am to attend the Morning Mass on daily basis. To me it was a chore and monotonous. I never looked forward to it.

Due to this reason, I rebelled. I wanted to experience the other side of the divide. I hated being restricted from asking questions, so I started making some researches and secretly considering an alternative.

A day before I completed my one year youth service in Enugu, I received a present from my boss. It was the book “In the Light of the Truth” by Abdrushin. I devoured all the volumes and even agreed with the writer on certain points like Reincarnation.

There were still some gaping holes after I’ve read the book. I still needed to understand more about the universe, the potency of charms, how spiritual power is acquired, how demonic spirits think, why they attack humans.

I needed to understand the Traditional Igbo religion and why Christians consider them evil. Sincerely the only way to get the answers I seek is to become one of them.

This was how I started my journey into the satanic kingdom.


It all started like a joke and it was as if an unseen force directed my footsteps to a place where I will get answers to my questions.

My best friend who came over to spend some days with me told me how she got accurate reading from my landlady who IS an ezenwanyi (chief priestess).

I never believed in palm reading, to me it was a superstitious belief. In all these, a part of me wanted to give it a try. So out of sheer curiosity I went to meet the ezenwanyi for igba afa (divination).

Prior to this time, I’ve had lots of life experiences which felt surreal. My friend told me the ezenwayi can “see the beginning from the end”.

It was too good to be true but I accepted to meet the woman with hopes of getting a closure and to verify my friend’s assertion.

To my utmost surprise, I got the answers to my questions. She narrated my life history to me but I was also shocked to hear that I WAS an ezenwanyi just like her.

The demonic spirits ministering through the woman instructed me to relocate to my village and set up a shrine and that if I refuse, they will strike me with madness.

I was dazed and utterly confused. I thought to myself: “What did I get myself into? How will I quit my job as a professional and take up this spiritual role which will add no meaning to my life?”

There were so many questions racing through my mind: “How do I explain this to my parents? How do I handle this super-imposed solitary life?”

The questions were endless. At that juncture, I hated this religious adventure I started. I sat there with tears streaming down my cheeks as the woman started giving me their rules and regulations which included:

1. I must only dress in red or white clothes just like what we see on African movies.

2. I must not use my towel after bathing especially on Eke market days.

3. I must NEVER wear any black outfit.

4. I must build a mini shrine in my bedroom.

5. I must pay homage to them in a river every first and last week of the month.

6. I must not perform oral sex on a man and vice versa.

7. I must not allow people to touch my hair.

8. I must not do anything without their consent.

9. I must vacate my bedroom for them for 8 days during my menstruation.

10. After my menstruation, I must perform a sacrifice before I enter my room.

11. I must not go to any hotel for whatever reason.

12. I must make monthly sacrifices to my chi (personal god), mkpuru iyi uwa (destiny), ndi ichie (ancestors), ndi mmiri (marine kingdom) nne nwanyi mmiri  (the Queen of the coast who is usually a python), anyanwu na agbara (the sun), ala (earth) etc.

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Chioma Schmitz

I'm just a young woman excited about life. I'm married to a wonderful German gentleman, a mom and a follower of Christ. I worked as a system engineer in a multinational company for 5 years before launching my brand which focuses mainly on hair, lifestyle, beauty, religion and all facets of life. I recently launched my magic hair growth spritz which is highly organic and very affordable and I wear my natural hair with pride! I can be reached on

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  1. Such a long read. Personally,I don’t believe in astrologers, mediums etc. They are all scam. I cringe anytime I see celebrities going to Tyler Henry (for example) for readings.
    Well, i am glad you came out stronger and can now write against this foolery.

    1. Thank you John. This experience gave me better understanding of God and why He is the Almighty.

  2. I strongly dislike it when people demonize a religion they were once part of.
    I’ve been practising Igbo traditional religion for more than 30 years and I guess you were yet to be born then. This is our heritage, our pride and I won’t sit back and watch a small rat condemn it just because she thinks she can.

    I hate the Christians because they think they offer peace and anyone who professes Your Jesus as his lord and saviour receives salvation. Total bollocks.

    African traditional religion was passed on to us from our fore fathers and we should uphold it.
    Don’t let the white men that brought this silly religion brainwash you.
    I rest my case.

    1. You are so vile and full of anger. I believe you are attacking this young woman because she spoke the truth. You need help.

    2. I can’t pretend to understand why you chose to call me ‘a rat’ on MY blog. Thanks for contributing all the same. Please don’t forget to sign up to get the whole story delivered to your email.

  3. Guys calm down, people are entitled to their opinions, however, disagreeable. For me, the courage to speak out is the value of this ‘confession.’

    1. Thank you very much Emma. Folks like Mazi are the reason why some people are bullied into silence.

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