This post will teach you how to avoid ingrown hairs and razor bumps when shaving with razor.

Most people pay special attention to skin grooming. Personally, hair removal is one of my monthly beauty routine -one I don’t skip.

Today, we want to talk about the importance of lathering shea butter on your body before shaving. Is it worth trying?


Most ladies have a strong dislike for skin hair removal creams because it irritates their skin. (I understand how frustrating it can be trying out hair removal creams to find a suitable one).

For such people, I’ve tried an inexpensive way to shave the skin with razor and shea butter without getting razor bumps afterwards and you might want to read further.


Few weeks ago, I wanted to shave and I realised that I’ve used the last tube of my Nair hair removal cream. There was no other option than to improvise.

I remember having a jar of shea butter stocked somewhere on my shelf. I quickly grabbed it and lathered it all over my skin.

After I applied it all over my skin, I waited for 5 minutes on a plastic chair before shaving the hair off with razor. I spent over 20 minutes shaving the hairs off my skin.

After the shave, I had a warm bath to help unclog my pores because my skin felt so greasy and slippery. This procedure left  my skin moisturized, soft and glowy.

I can now say with all certainty that shea butter is a good preshave agent to stop razor bumps because the butter prevents direct contact associated with shaving with razor alone.

Shea butter has anti-inflammatory and great healing properties and it also helps to moisturize dry skin. It is infact, a must-have for everyone.

I really enjoyed this little experiment of mine but you will need to have a packet of razor handy because the butter will clog your razor.

Before purchasing shea butter, pay special attention to the colour. If the shea butter has an off-white colour, then it is a refined shea butter. The unrefined shea is buttery yellow.

You can click here to order your unrefined shea butter from Africa.

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  1. I can’t get past the smell of Shea butter. I might never use it because I’m allergic to latex and Shea butter has natural latex in it.

    It seems to gunk up the razor badly if you had to use one packet of blades.

    All the same, you always write nice posts and I’m looking forward to the next.


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