In life, you either operate from the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat. The choice is entirely yours. When you are operating from the driver’s seat, you are the boss, you are in charge but operating from the passenger’s seat limits your potentials and makes you unfulfilled.

Most people choose to live below their potentials because they haven’t taken charge of their lives. Therefore, I will appreciate it if you can take a few minutes to read this article.

In life, if you don’t change the situations that reduce you to the ‘passenger’s seat’ yourself, they will go on like that indefinitely by the simple force of inertia.

Let me give you an instance with a lady I’ve known for many years who has reduced herself to the passenger’s seat without knowing it.

Oge works in a salon as an apprentice. She has been working for her ‘madam’ for 6 years and receives less than 3% of the total money she generates for the salon. She basically lives from paycheck to paycheck. Few weeks ago, I went to the salon after many years of my last visit. I saw her doing the same thing over and over again hoping for increment. She told me her ‘madam’ always says that she will increase her salary the following year, which never happens.

When I asked her why she hasn’t launched her own salon, since she has the basic skills?

She told me that she can’t sustain a business that is hers and that’s her reason for remaining an apprentice. She was in fact scared of taking major life decisions because she was more afraid of failure than success.

Oge has refused to take the bull by the horn. She has blatantly refused to man the driver’s seat and steer the wheel to the destination of her choice; thereby inadvertently sabotaging all hopes for success and happiness later in life.

That story is Oge’s but ask your self these honest questions:

1. Am I operating from the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat?

2. Do I dedicate my life to self-improvement and learning in every possible way or am I still operating with obsolete knowledge?

3. Am I still making excuses for my mistakes or trying to find a way to make myself the victim?

4. Am I still stuck in the same position because I’m afraid to fail if I take the next step?

5. Do I still believe someone else is the reason I have not reached my full potential?

6. Have I erased every negative feelings that intersect to make me feel like the victim?

Did you answer"yes"to most of the questions? If yes, then you need to mount the driver’s seat. It is a personal battle and decision.

The earlier you make these life-changing decisions, the quicker you’ll get to your destination.

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  1. cheryl

    You shared this post at the time I needed to hear something like this. I’ve been blaming my boss for my several woes but I now realize he is not the problem, I am.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. John

    The lady seems like someone who can’t see afar off. How can someone be doing the same job for six years without an increment?
    The boss on the other hand seem like a user.

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