Having a vehicle to connect to a wider world have given me the privilege to condemn the bad acts that need to be condemned and for that I am truly grateful.

Negative pregnant traverse refers to a denial which implies its affirmative opposite by seeming to deny only a qualification of the allegation and not the allegation itself.

I’ve always had strong dislike for men who abuse women or domestic violence of any kind. I still find it hard to comprehend why people treat the people they are supposed to love in a less than manner.

In Nigeria, more women become victims of Domestic violence on daily basis because our society have a way of subjecting the women, creating unnecessary fears and capitalizing on their fragility.

I had a friend, let’s call her Chika. Our friendship was one of the longest I’ve ever had but I was always trying my best to make it work because she had some deep-rooted issues and I wanted to be there for her.

I’ve never known Chika as someone who was weak or afraid of retaliation. One day, I was called to mediate between her and her boyfriend.

They actually had an altercation which resulted in exchange of blows from the boyfriend that resulted in a concussion. She was rushed to the hospital by the boyfriend because he thought she will die.

When I arrived the hospital, I was confused so probed the guy on what actually happened,he said

Chy… your friend said I punched her in the head but that’s not true.

After he made that statement,  I knew he was lying so I had to probe further.  I asked him a simple question:

If you didn’t punch her in the head, where then did you punch her?

I quickly remembered the term: Negative pregnant traverse! His response really made me see through him and his pattern of lies.

I never punched her in the head but I mistakenly punched her in the leg.

The abusers always play this card whenever they are caught. They try to downplay aggression and trivialize pain.

This sadly, is the reality of many Nigerian women and at a point like this, I beat myself us for not studying law.

But nevertheless, I will suggest that our government should make a law, strong enough like what is obtainable in Lagos State that will lock these people up once they are caught.

Have you ever been a victim of Domestic violence? How did you handle it?

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  1. Never heard of the term negative pregnant transverse but I find it very interesting! in the context you used it. You are of course speaking nothing but the truth in terms of men in Nigerian society capitalizing on the marginalisation and oppression of women to hide their misogynistic tendencies. Absolutely love posts like this! looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Thank you very much , Jumoke for identifying with the truth. Whenever I try to raise this topic in the midst of abusive Nigerian men, they always call me a sad feminist and will always ‘beef me co-operatively’.
      Thanks for contributing💖

  2. Austin Uwah

    Thanks a lot for beaming a light on this area of men’s behavior in that society. Nigeria being a quilt of various culture, is also plagued by some adopted religious ethics that demean, subdue and dehumanize our weaker counterparts.

    It’s not that the culprits don’t realize their guilt, but for the fact that nobody cares to challenge them based on some archaic and foolish religious/cultural belief, emboldens the culprit and weakens the victim.

    Such a crappy excuse as stated, sounds like my 7th. Grader explaining to me why he never turned in his homework. ” I’m sorry sir!” he said, ” The dog ate my homework!” Yea right! A very nice post. Keep on punch girl. I’m your favorite fan.

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