I wanted to share this story as a single post but at a point, I reconsidered because compressing this story will be tantamount to compressing the truth. This series will chronicle my induction, my personal experience as a satanic worshipper and my conversion to Christianity. 

You can find the previous episodes below:


When we got home, Ezenwanyi (chief priestess) instructed me to stand outside the gate so I can be cleansed from contamination and impurities (ijucha ora-akwu).

At this moment, I was a little bit acquainted with their demonic terms and I was also becoming less afraid than I was the first time I joined this satanic kingdom. I was even curious for the next assignment.

Maduka (the apprentice native doctor) made a step towards me. He was the one to cleanse me from impurities and contamination.

He uprooted carpet grass growing nearby and also brought a bottle of St. Michael’s perfume, which they believe has the power to scare away the enemies and give temporary protection.

The apprentice native doctor used the carpet grass to wipe my body from my head chanting:

A jucha m gi ora-akwu

Ora-akwu Muo,

Ora-akwu Mmadu….

The interpretation is: “I cleanse you from impurities/contamination, spiritual contamination, human contamination”.

After the chant, he circled the carpet grass on my head 4 times, saying:

“……na-Eke, Orie, Afor, Nkwor”, which represents the 4 market days in Igbo culture.

Then, he flung the carpet grass and poured the St Michael’s perfume on my head and then told me that I have been cleansed.

I heaved a loud sigh of relief after this session. The ezenwanyi instructed me to come inside her divination chamber so she can confirm if our sacrifices were acceptable to the gods.

As I walked in fearfully towards her direction, she yelled at me to take off my shoes because I was approaching a ‘holy ground’.

I did as she instructed but angry with her for the unneccessary yelling.

Her chamber has a monitoring mirror that was hung neatly on the wall, a small local stool where she placed her divination plate which contains oji (kolanut) and ego ayori (cowries).

She also has a cabinet which housed different colours of candles, incense, coins, local eggs, gun powder, clay sand, images etc.

Before she started, she asked me to drop money on the floor for Igba afa (divination). Then she broke fresh kolanut into 4 parts and started making some enchantment.

She beckoned Nne Nwanyi Eke Ogba (the queen of the coast, python woman) to appear and speak through her. I later understood that the queen of the coast was one of the spirits that gave her spiritual backing.

When she poured the divination items on the plate, she smiled and told me that our first sacrifice was a huge success and that the gods were pleased with me.

She then told me that we need to visit Agulu Lake (which the demons claimed was my place of origin). According to them, I came to the earth from the water therefore, I should pay homage to them.

Maduka brought out the items for the next sacrifice at the lake from their demonic store. The goat for the sacrifice had a noose around his neck and was bleating.

The chicken was clucking, while the uvuru (chick) was squeaking. The items included 2 tubers of yam, 2 bottles of Fanta drink, 1 packets each of red, blue and white candles, one packet of 999 Lord Krishna Puja Incense, 4 kolanuts, etc.

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I'm just a young woman excited about life. I'm married to a wonderful German gentleman, a mom and a follower of Christ. I worked as a system engineer in a multinational company for 5 years before launching my brand which focuses mainly on hair, lifestyle, beauty, religion and all facets of life. I recently launched my magic hair growth spritz which is highly organic and very affordable and I wear my natural hair with pride! I can be reached on

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  1. I really want to read the last part of this story. So please keep it coming. If you can make it a daily post, please do.

    Nice post, Chioma!

  2. What I can deduce from this your article is that you became an idol worshipper to get their secrets and enrich your blog?
    You are one of the reason why I hate young ladies being part of us. They always think this is a joke.
    Our tradition precedes Christianity that you claim to profess. Don’t let white men brainwash you.
    You can come back to us with a contrite heart and we will accept you. A word is enough for the wise.
    If don’t join us, then I will continue hating you, ms little rat.

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