Hello Naturalistas, how’s your mane? Healthy I guess. I’m sorry I took so long to work on my next post. But I’m happy to announce to you that I have agreed with Chioma, to make this a weekly column.

I am Miss Healthy Mane, a contributor at, here to answer your hair-related questions.

I am a certified trichologist and I also own a Natural Hair salon here in Nigeria. You can share your hair problems with me by sending an email to

Today, I will tackle the question that was sent to my mailbox by a worried naturalista. She said:

Hello Ma, please I am a naturalista and have been for 16 months but I always battle with spongey hair and I don’t know how to soften it. Can you suggest any remedy for this? Thanks

This is one of the issues we handle at our salon and I’m glad we can discuss it now so other ladies who have similar issues can find free solution here.

There are many reasons why your hair feels spongey. I will highlight the reasons below:

1. Most 4c hair texture feels spongey naturally.

2. You might be using the wrong products that dries out your hair.

3. Your regimen might be wrong or unsuitable for your natural hair.

4. You don’t protect your hair with satin bonnet while sleeping.

5. You don’t take care of your hair.

These might be the reason why you have this hair problem. Our natural hair needs to be nourished and taken well care of.

Now that we have established a cause, let’s now go to the solutions. I will give you few inexpensive tips on how to soften your hair.


1. Use shea butter.


Shea butter contains Vitamins like A, E, F. It has moisturizing properties and it is used by many Naturalistas to soften their hair. It also protect the hair UV rays.

Before purchasing shea butter, pay special attention to the colour. If the shea butter has an off-white colour, then it is a refined shea butter. The unrefined shea is buttery yellow.

2. African Thredding


This is a non-heat method used for stretching natural hair but it also soften the hair.

While thredding, make sure it is not so tight at the root to avoid headaches.

3. Deep condition

Deep conditioning your natural hair helps alters the texture of your hair in a positive way.

Apply enough conditioner on the hair to completely cover and saturate the hair. Then, cover your hair with a plastic cap for about 30 minutes or more, then rinse out.

4. Protect your hair with satin bonnet


I can’t over emphasize on the importance of protecting your hair with a satin bonnet or covering your pillow with a satin pillowcase.

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase with uncovered hair is unhealthy for the hair because cotton pillowcase is absorbent, drains moisture from the hair thereby leaving the hair extremely dry and spongey.

If you try all these and the problem still persists, then you’ll need to pay us a visit.

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  1. Amara

    I’ve been looking for a detailed post like this because I have similar issue. Please where can I get this satin bonnet and how much?

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