Bible Texts: Lamentations 3:24-26; Job 14:14; Isiah 41:10-11; Genesis 18:1; Isiah 55:8-11.

There are blessings in waiting. The problem of man is the problem of waiting; from the time of sowing to the time of harvesting.

Waiting upon God shows one’s trust in God. Although waiting can be painful and daunting, but in the end, it is rewarding.

One of the secrets that makes the eagle the king of the birds is it’s ability to wait. Christians should adopt this habit as well.

God doesn’t compete with your troubles and challanges because the extreme of your challanges is the beginning of God’s intervention.

Time is the season between the seed and harvest. Everything in life has the season of waiting. Many people lose their harvest because of the pain of waiting/expecting.

The season of waiting is a season where one is most vulnerable to attacks and discouragement. The period comes with doubts and unbelief but if you give heed to them, your blessings will be aborted.

A man that is waiting upon the Lord should not be afriad of anything.

Believers are taught that anger doesn’t intimidate God; neither does schedules obligate God. He does things at His own time and way.

God alone decides when you deserve His blessings and when He gives harvest. Therefore, be happy and rejoice over your anticipated harvest.

Remember God appeared to Abraham when he decided to wait as can be seen in Genesis 18:1.

Prayers: Dear Lord, gives me the grace to wait patiently for your blessings. Amen.

Rev Dr Bright Chibike is the founder of Dominant Throne Int’l church Awka where great armies are raised for Christ.

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