I was just flipping through my channel list and landed on E!

Kylie Jenner has her own show!

My first reaction was Wow! At 20, she has her own lip kit company worth over $400million and estimated to skyrocket to $1bn in 2022.

Honestly, the Kardashians/Jenner are not the first choice of role models for most, but we could take a cue from their page.

The Kardashian/Jenners are social media savvy. They turn a totally worthless idea to a fashion trend and they achieve these through social media.

Kylie has over 96 million people following her on Instagram and her online presence has helped her brand.

As a blogger, you need a ‘Kylie Jenner approach’ to making your blog go viral (If that’s your intention). Social media is a powerful tool that every blogger should be acquainted with.

There are many apps that you need as a blogger:

1. Bloglovin’

2. Tumblr

3. Reddit

4. Digg

5. Twitter

6. Facebook

7. Google +

8. Pinterest

9. Linkedln

10. StumbleUpon

How do you market your post?

Photo credits: Google images


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