This is a simplified recipe of the famous Mole Poblano that emerged from the Mexican town Puebla some centuries ago and was invented by a nun.

I know that dish from a very good Mexican restaurant and tried my best to reconstruct the taste in my kitchen. As I am cooking it now for more than 25 years I have seen many people, including my Boston roommate Joe Freel, my son Vincent, all my relatives and many good friends, falling for it and ordering it from me over and over again.

Some friends are also cooking it for themselves now. So it is a real tongue pleaser!


1. Chicken or turkey meat, about 400 to 500g, cut into small pieces

2. Tortillas (if difficult to get use thin unsweetened pancakes,30 cm)

3. Chopped onion

4. Olive oil

5. Salt

6. One packet of dark chopped chocolate.

7. Three packets of mozzarella cheese (any other mild cheese will do).

8. Sweet cream.

9. Garam masala (indian spice mixture, asia shop, if not available leave it out).

10. Ground cinnamon.

11. Ground cloves.

12. Ground hot cayenne pepper.


We start by frying the onions with oil in a frying pan and soon we add the meat. When it is fried we salt it, add some cream, a small spoon full of garam masala, a half spoon of cinnamon and a half spoon of cloves.

If you don’t have Garam masala it will not make a big difference as the cinnamon and the cloves are most important for the taste.

Then add the chocolate and you can add up to 200 g, some cayenne pepper according to your taste. Stir it until the spices are all in the sauce and the chocolate has melted completely.

If necessary add some water when the sauce is too thick and stir it into. Then put it aside and let it cool down a little bit.


Meanwhile you can cut the mozzarella into small pieces, unless you bought it graded.

Take a oven pan and put a little of the sauce on the ground where the tortillas will be placed.

Then take a big plate, put one tortilla upon and put on one side about a quarter or a fifth of the fried meat with some sauce. Put some of the cheese on top and roll the tortilla without loosing the content, then place it into the oven pan. Do that with 3 or 4 more tortillas and fill up your pan.

Meanwhile switch on your oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Before putting your meal into the heat cover the tortillas with the remaining sauce in the frying pan and put cheese on top of all the tortillas. Then bake it until the cheese starts to get brown a little bit.

You best serve it with rice and American parboiled rice would be the best choice.

I also serve it with a salad of about 4 to 5 tomatoes, one can of red beans without the water, a chopped onion and some salsa sauce from the bottle.

But you can also serve any other salad.

Recommended are also:


Guacamole (avocado porridge, 4 to 5 avocados with sweet cream, some salt and lime juice and some cilantro leaves mixed in the blender)


Red bean porridge (2 to 3 cans of red beans with the water, 1 onion, sweet cream, tomato concentrate and salt into the blender and then fried for about 50 minutes in a pan)


If you don’t like the chocolate taste so much, then you can also fill your tortillas with bean porridge, fried chicken or turkey, cheese and salsa sauce. Add also salsa and cheese on top of everything before baking.

I wish you lots of fun with these receipes!

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