Acts of kindness inspire kindness.
I have been a beneficiary of people’s kindness on countless occasions and this made me resolve to become the kindest version of myself.

Many years ago when I was battling anorexia and depression, a stranger paid for me to see a therapist and later a nutritionist. This singular act of kindness changed my life in many ways and taught me the importance of kindness.

Today, I urge you all, my esteemed readers to render an act of kindness to a total stranger!

Let’s meet at the comments section and discuss the kindest thing someone has ever done for you!

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4 thoughts on “KINDNESS

  1. Anonymous observer

    In 2008 when we were students at Igbariam. The examination was fast approaching and I was almost sick throughout the semester. I didn’t know what to write and I really didn’t want to resit that course so I asked you for help. I thought you’d say No because word around town was that you were intelligent but so into yourself, we called you a snub behind your back and concluded you were feeling too big.

    To my greatest surprise, you gave me all the answers and you were so nice contrary to our opinion of you. I passed that exam and I learnt not to judge a book by it’s cover.

    Pinopino, I know you might be wondering whom I am but don’t worry. Lol
    Thank you very much for helping me in 2008

  2. John

    So, I was in Vancouver British Columbia with my girlfriend and her kid for a holiday.
    We were in restaurant when her daughter started throwing up. My girlfriend burst out in tears because she was too fragile. I on the hand was confused because I didn’t know what to do. Surprisingly, a black woman came and helped us with my girlfriend’s daughter. That was so selfless and I can never forget that day in a hurry

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