Bible Text: Gen 13:1-18
The victorious Christian life is a series of new beginnings and every new beginning has its new burden and every new burden has its new blessing. Let’s explore it:

1. A NEW BEGINNING (Gen 13:1-4)

God chastened Abraham in Egypt and Abraham returned to the land he never should have left. He was a wealthy man but his tent and altar were the most valuable things he possessed(vs 3-4).

When we fail,the Lord is ready to forgive and restore us (1John 2:2). “And he is the propitiation of our sins….”

2. A NEW BURDEN (5-11)

While in Egypt, Lot acquired wealth and a taste for the world, and his temporal interests were partly Abraham’s fault. Though God forgave Abraham’s sin,but He did not prevent the sad consequences.

We reap what we sow, even after we are forgiven. Abraham’s first test of faith came from a famine; his second test came from his own family. Family tests are the hardest tests of all.

Abraham was a peacemaker because he lived by faith; but Lot was a troublemaker because he lived by sight. Abraham chose a heavenly city (Heb 11:13-16); but Lot chose an earthly city and a wicked one at that.

Though the city appeared to be ideal, but it was headed for destruction. You can move your tent nearer and nearer to sin, but you cannot take your altar with you. Lot left God behind and destroyed his home.

(3) A NEW BLESSING (14-18)

The man of faith always receives a special word from God after a time of testing. Let others take what they want/ feel, our God gives us far more than they can ever imagine (Ps16:5; 33:12).
Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw the land. He lifted up his feet and claimed it by faith (Josh 1:3).

Then he lifted up his heart and worshiped God. Lot had broken Abraham’s heart, but God blessed Abraham’s heart and made him a blessing.


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