Hello and welcome to my blog again. 5 months ago, I made the decision to share these awesome posts with you on daily basis and by God’s grace, I’ve been true to my words and I’m happy to have you all here.

Sometime ago, I shared 21 Things I wanted my readers to know about me here, therefore, I will love to know you, my esteemed readers and the country you are commenting from. Who knows, we might bump into each other someday!

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  1. Ivy

    Nice blog you’ve got mate!
    I’m Ivy and I knew about your blog through Twitter when you talked about what your complete washday routine looks like and since then, I visit your blog almost daily.
    Whenever you come to Cardiff, do say hi!

  2. John

    My interest in your blog stemmed from your sincerity and your wealth of knowledge. Before I discovered your blog on google, I used to think only dumb people existed in Nigeria( which was what the media made us to believe). But when I started reading your posts, I realised you were very different. Your determination and your discipline marvels me and that begs the question: How do you do it?
    Anyway, I am John from California, United States.

  3. Mike

    Since this is a post where you want to be acquainted with your readers,I have no option than to introduce myself. I am Mike from Ohio in UNited States of America and your post that got me interested was your review of God Delusion by Dawkins .

    Unarguably, you are a good writer, in tune with your audience and all but that review didn’t sit well with me. I was surprised you only picked out Dawkins ‘vitriolic attack’ on your God which is understandable. But as someone who has followers and maybe people who look up to you, you need to balance it out. It was meant to be a review not an opinion.

  4. Donatus ogado

    Hey chioma, it’s been so good to read through some of ur post….really educative to us and generation to come….my name is Donatus Nwabueze. ….igbo Nigerian, living in South Africa. I wish I could have a means to chat u privately, I have got a lot of questions I wanna talk to someone e about…pls I wil be glad if u make it possible. …

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