I wanted to share this story as a single post but at a point, I reconsidered because compressing this story will be tantamount to compressing the truth. This series will chronicle my induction, my personal experience as a satanic wworshipper and my conversion to Christianity. 

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The next morning, I washed of the black powdery stuff which was already glued on the incision because of the mixture of blood and the black powder.

I was reeling from the pain when the Ezenwanyi called me to described the potency of the incision. She insisted that I can’t be affected by charms anymore but I should refrain from using perfume for one week or performing any form of sexual acts hence, the potency will be inhibited.

Everything in this kingdom seems weird and their moves, unprecedented but the only way to keep up with them is through Igba afa – divination.

After this sacrifice, I needed to get away for sometime to process the events of the past few weeks and strategize on my next move. The incision pain gave me a fresh perspective on what I was dabbling with. It has ritualistic undertone and I feared if it will get to the point where real rituals will be performed.

Therefore on 14th May, I made the decision to take some time off and the way to do that was to take my first boat trip to Bonny Island. I had an open invitation from a friend who worked there so he made reservations for me since I needed clarity. Sincerely, I wanted a permanent escape from my reality and the ever-intrusive gods.

I boarded an air-conditioned boat owned by NLNG from Port Harcourt. It was my first boat ride experience so I had my diary which I used to document true life events handy.

When I arrived the jetty at Port Harcourt, It looked so dirty and the air grossly polluted but that didn’t matter much to me because I was on the run. I sat close to the mooring which was demarcated with netted iron-like bars.

After the few hours of waiting, we (the passengers) boarded a boat. The interior was absolutely beautiful and the seats were covered with a blue leather materials. I sat by the window side to enjoy the nice scenery.

As the boat sailed, I noticed few bumps in the sea that got me surprised. For a moment,  I wondered if the keel still works perfectly or if the sea was frozen, hence the bumps.

In my meditative state, I felt the presence of negative energy and lo, the demons appeared to me. I was frightened because I was running away from them but they still tracked me down in a sea.

They threatened to destroy me because I didn’t seek their permission before I embarked on this trip. Instantly, I felt like the Biblical Jonah and in the midst of all these brouhaha,  I saw a mighty catfish. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me or the demons’ way of trying to show me signs of what’s to come. But either way, I was terrified!

The 1.30hrs journey felt like a 24 hours journey and they (demons) disappeared as we got to Bonny Island!

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Chioma Schmitz

I'm just a young woman excited about life. I'm married to a wonderful German gentleman, a mom and a follower of Christ. I worked as a system engineer in a multinational company for 5 years before launching my brand which focuses mainly on hair, lifestyle, beauty, religion and all facets of life. I recently launched my magic hair growth spritz which is highly organic and very affordable and I wear my natural hair with pride! I can be reached on

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  1. This week’s episode was published on time and I enjoyed reading it and your dalliances with the demons. Your story telling technique is amazing and you have a nice soul.
    Meanwhile, I tried to sponsor your next post using PayPal but I noticed 5 dollar was the maximum limit. Should I proceed?

  2. I remember many years ago when I was trying to conceive. A friend directed me to a native doctor who did so many unprintable things to me in the name of helping me. It was a traumatic experience for and I’m happy you got out when you did. Those guys are real definition of evil.

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