Is this hair all yours?

The joy I get when people ask me this question is unexplainable! Sincerely, I never know my hair could grow to its current length after 5 months of Big Chop. Prior to this time, my hair growth was really inhibited because of chemical hair straighteners but now I flaunt my natural hair proudly and I might even sell it someday!



Last night, I prepped my  hair for my afro by sectioning it into ten parts, then I applied my argan oil, peppermint oil and my magic hair growth spritz and covered my hair with a satin bonnet.


This morning, I unravelled my hair and here is the result!!


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Chioma Schmitz

I'm just a young woman excited about life. I'm married to a wonderful German gentleman, a mom and a follower of Christ. I worked as a system engineer in a multinational company for 5 years before launching my brand which focuses mainly on hair, lifestyle, beauty, religion and all facets of life. I recently launched my magic hair growth spritz which is highly organic and very affordable and I wear my natural hair with pride! I can be reached on

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