Hello and welcome to my blog again. If you are just visiting my blog for the first time,  I say a very big welcome to you and please don’t make it your final visit.

Firstly, I want to apologize for my inconsistence in blogging since last week and reneging on my promise to publish Episode 10 of my weekly life story on the 3rd of October. It breaks my heart to default on a promise I made but it has been a very busy week for me that I have to resort to Google to teach me how to destress. Therefore, I ask for your forgiveness and also for a little patience from you. Thank you 💕

Okay, I hate noise!

Sadly, it is my reality here in Nigeria! Daily, I have to deal with cars honking their horns; not just that alone, their belching of smoke is also a way to tell us to die already; the cussings, the magicians that command a noisy crowd, etc.

You can’t run away from the noise which starts from 6am and having my office at the centre of the road makes me a daily victim. The noise is so headache-inducing and can’t be ignored. Going to work became my waking dread because of this but I can’t stop the noise.

On my side, I tried all I could to give myself a well- deserved sanity but nothing seemed to work until I got Ohropax noise protection buds. Note: this is NOT a sponsored post, but I’m only sharing with you, my esteemed readers what worked for me.

Heavens indeed heard my daily cry and sent me this Ohropax earbuds and honestky, I couldn’t have been happier. It goes a long way to filter the noise or completely shut me out if it.

Orhopax is made from cotton wool soaked in petroleum jelly and a variety of paraffin waxes and it comes in bright colours. The company refer to themselves as ‘Pioneer of Silence’ which is really true. Orhopax is very comfortable and ideal for a peaceful night sleep and also good for meditation.

When I got this Orhopax noise protection earbuds, I quickly considered the downside – headache. Yes, I thought long use might result to headache but it didnt rather I slept well and didn’t hear pim until I woke up.

Have tried any other noise protection buds?

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  1. Ify

    I don’t think the noise in Lagos can be compared to any other city. Sometimes, I berate myself for living here because just like you, I carry about all the time packets of panadol extra. Nice post though and yes you are forgiven!

  2. Austin Uwah

    That’s what we deal with in the aviation world, but thanks to modern technology in engine design, we now have quieter engines. We still use assorted noise protection devices. Can’t wait for the 10th.episode.

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