We’ve all heard this saying that the hair is the woman’s crown and with the ongoing natural hair movement, African women now wear their HAIR with pride.

Prior to my natural hair journey, I spent thousands of Naira monthly on hair extensions – aka weavon. Due to itchy scalp and the quest to look ‘fresh and posh’ all the time, I made this my weekly routine and by so doing, my hairstylist was enriched tremendously because of my insecurity. Without the fake hair, I felt I wasn’t beautiful enough; but not anymore.

This journey has taught me that beauty can be found in different textures (kinky, curly, straight)  and also that may hair can do the talking. Exciting!

From the launch of this blog, I promised to share my journey with you all and I’m willing to learn from you as well, which is why I enabled the comment section. This blog will make your journey more effortless if you stick with us and I will appreciate if you sign up with you email address and I promise not to spam you.


Two weeks ago, I realised that my frontal hairline was receding due to bad hair practices and I published it here. It was in fact the main reason why I launched the FRONTAL HAIR RE-GROWTH CHALLENGE to enable people with similar issues grow their frontal hair once again.


I share daily tips on how to grow your frontal hair on my Facebook page which I will advice you to like, so you can be updated with our daily hair tips. You can also follow us on Instagram @chiomaschmitz for your daily hair inspiration. For the benefit of our new members, I will share THE tips for growing your frontal hair below:

Day 1: Wash your hair with Vo5 shampoo and conditioner then air dry.

Day 2: Massage your scalp with PEPPERMINT OIL

Day 3: Massage your scalp for 10 minutes, gently.

Day 4: Eat nuts.

Day 5: Put your hair in a 2 strand loose twist.

Day 6: Apply few drops of Eucalyptus oil on your frontal hair and massage for 2 minutes.

Day 7: Eat carrots

Day 8: Drink water

Day 9: Drink more water

Day 10: Allow your hair to breathe.

There is an ongoing hair counselling by Our in-house trichologist, Miss Healthy Mane. It is free and you can join by clicking on the Skype button below or send an email to with your questions.




  1. Ada

    Although I joined your Facebook page late, I be learnt a lot about hair and why my hair is thinning. Before I acted like I didn’t care but now, I do. Thanks for sharing those tips. I also read your weekly story from episode 1 to 10. You are a strong lady!!

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