Who wants silky hair? I can hear every 4c Naturalista screaming ‘I want’!

The major nightmare of every 4c hair owner is how to tame their hair texture. Our 4c hair by default is coarse and kinky making it extremely difficult to manage. Many ladies have given up halfway through their natural hair journey because they can’t get the hang of it. For this reason, several hair care industries have made millions selling hair taming products to ladies. If we can be honest to ourselves, we will admit that most of these products either work temporarily or not at all. For this reason, I will introduce you to my holy grail- Shea butter.

Unrefined shea butter with a wide tooth comb

Shea butter is derived from the nuts of shea tree that grows in East and West Africa. Shea butter is used in producing most hair and cosmetics products because of it’s moisturizing properties. Most people underrate the importance of Shea butter but today, I will tell you the wonders of shea butter, from another perspective.


We all know how inexpensive shea butter but do we also know that it might be all we need to achieve a silky hair, Last week, I started experimenting with shea butter because I ran out of my leave-in conditioner. I had no other option than to improvise which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Using shea butter made my hair more silkier and manageable, decreasing the time it takes to work out mats and hair tangles. I was really overwhelmed with the result that I doubted if it was really my hair. I monitored the result 4 hours later and the result remained the same- moisturized and cottony-soft.


I used my Hair spritz to dampen my hair and then I applied shea butter from the roots to the tips and the combed my hair with a wide tooth comb to detangle my hair. After detangling my hair, I put it in a mini pineaple fro using a shoelace.


Do you also know that shea butter contains vitamins which are good for the hair?
It contains vitamin A , E, F, fatty acids,  minerals and other natural properties.

Shea butter can act as natural conditioner  and an excellent choice for moisturizing  the hair from the roots to the tips and also defines the curls. The only downside to using shea butter is the smell. When build up occurs, the hair smells awful but a drop of peppermint oil can freshen the smell of your hair and stimulates hair growth.



  1. I stumbled upon your blog on google yesterday and I must say you have amazing content. Jidekwa ka I ji! One question for you: how soon will I see results of new growth on my frontal hair?


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