Bible Texts: Leviticus 9: 1-23; Revelation 5:10; Exodus 33: 8.

When our altars are in the right condition and have the right sacrifices on them, the release of God’s Glory is a must. Altar is the first law of dominion, authority and power here on earth. The Glory of the Lord means Shekinah as can be seen in Leviticus 9:23.

God cannot function without an altar because there is an altar in heaven called the Golden Altar. Likewise on earth, nobody succeeds without an altar. Behind any prosperous or a poor man, there is a force or an altar.


In Rev 5:10, God called us ‘Priests and Kings ‘. Being a king makes it possible for you to take care of horizontal affairs of life while as a king, you can also take care of the vertical aspects of life. Do not limit yourself to a king, be a priest as well because the presence of the priest is the only thing that draws down the presence of God because of the sweet smelling savour of sacrifices from the altar of a priest.

The presence of a priest represents a sacrificial life. A surrendered life and a consecrated life must attract glory. Moses laid down his royalty for the work of God and that is an example of a surrendered life.

In life, the level of your yielding to God, determines the amount of God’s glory you can carry. Purposely leaving your throne for God, makes His Glory to descend and His Glory doesn’t fall without leaving residues (blessings).

When you carry God’s Glory, It announces you. The Bible recorded that Moses had a face-to-face encounter with God. The Glory of God spoke to Moses because the Glory is a person.

Another man in the Bible that made God’s Glory descend was King Solomon in 2nd Chronicles 5:1. In the case of Solomon, the glory descended and the priest could not minister. When the Glory comes upon a believer, everything that has to do with self is cancelled.

Believers are therefore urged to learn to step out of the way when God is in operation because when God is at work, He releases His Glory.

Prayer: Dear Lord, may your Glory be seen in me and through me. Amen!

If you want to have a life-changing experience in your life, then you need to say this brief prayer:

Lord Jesus, welcome into my life; today I accept you as my personal Lord and Saviour; Use me, bless me and direct me. AMEN!

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Rev Dr Bright Chibike is the founder of Dominant Throne Int’l church Awka where great armies are raised for Christ.



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