Hello and welcome to my blog again. If you just discovered this blog today, I will say a big welcome and I hope you return again. Today is the second edition of ‘things about me’. I shared the first one here and I will love to know my esteemed readers as well. Please share with us at the comment section where you are commenting from.


1. I’ve always wanted to be an undercover agent but i ended up as a blogger. No correlation whatsoever!

2.  In my head,I am 70 years old already and I’m patiently waiting for my grey hairs to appear because I deserve them.

3. Growing, up, I enjoyed doing house chores a lot but now, I don’t even dare. Let’s say I’ve got a phobia for house chores and I’m enjoying my early retirement.

                       source: Google

4.  I am now an author and I talked about my book for 3 years but I finally published it in November, 2017. To order yours, click on this link: My Foray Into The Dark Kingdom by Chioma Schmitz

5. I only watch television once a month or not at all.

                         Source: Google

6. My spoken Igbo is very fluent but infused with Onitsha slangs.

7.  I enjoy reading my Bible now more than I did 1 year ago.

                 Google image

8.  I had photographic memory and I shared a post on how i lost it here: EIDETIC/PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY: DOES IT REALLY EXPIRE?

9. I generally dislike people with intrusive character.

10. My husband plans to call our future son affidavit, Affy for short.

11. I have 3 engagement rings from my husband.


12. I am deathly afraid of water. I am aquaphobic.

                 Source: Google

13. I’m a morning person and i always wake up super early without the aid of an alarm clock.

14. I was anorexic

when I was recovering               when I was recovering

15.  I spend 2 hours 40 daily with God and most of it, I spend reading my bible. That is 10% of my 24 hours.

16.  My husband and I talk almost  every hour since the day we met and he’s the best flute player in the world.

My husband playing with DPP Group after our wedding in Nigeria

17.  I don’t feel fulfilled when I don’t give.

18. I’m now a Hausfrau (house wife).

19.  Don’t ever ask me to cook. I cook very well but for some reason I hate cooking but I enjoy eating 😃

                         Google image

20. I’m a neatnik

21. I swapped my Transcendental Meditation for Christian meditation.

22. I suffer from hand-in-hair syndrome.

Google images

23 . I’m a girl of few words but many actions

24. I Don’t like people calling me on the phone, because I always worry they don’t have enough airtime or that they spend a lot to call me. Yes I’m very sympathetic, so text me and I will call you.

25. I speak, German, English and Igbo

26. Compliments weaken me.

27. I genuinely want to make positive  impact in other people’s lives.

28.  I  have ‘a storehouse’ of perfumes.

29. I hate it when people make assumptions about me. It drives me bonkers.

30.  October is a very special month for me: it is my son’s birth month and my wedding anniversary.

               Wedding day

Now is you turn to tell us about you in the comment section.


12 thoughts on “30 THINGS ABOUT ME

  1. Austin Uwah

    OMG! U didn’t tell us all these. Congratulations! Ur virtual nieces “Ari” will be excited. Well there’s nothing more hidden. Everybody know everything. God bless!

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