‘Madam abeg follow me buy. The last price for this powder is 1000’.
1000? I screamed!
She said ‘okay, take am for 800 naira’.

Now I wasn’t screaming because I wanted to bargain more but I screamed because the last  MAC Mineralize skinfinish powder I bought from mac studio in Lekki Lagos was sold for 18500. So why is this one cheaper?

You might be thinking it doesn’t matter but it does. How will you feel if someone in a far away country uses your trademarked name to produce something substandard and claim to use the same ingredients you used? In fact, they quote you verbatim? Think about it for a second and give me your response.

You don’t feel indifferent anymore.  Do you?

Real MAC

Now not only is this wrong and hurts someone else’s brand,  it won’t give you same finishing a real MAC product will give.

Can I show you the difference between a real mac and the fake make and then you be the judge.

It gives you either a dusty or an oily look but the real Mac gives you a natural look.

What do you think about product impostors? Will you patronize them again?




  1. Kinky

    I’m guilty as charge but honestly I didn’t know the implications. I felt mac produced the cheaper ones for the poor. But now I know better. Thank you for sharing!

  2. You hit the nail on the head. As a an entrepreneur, it grieves me when people appropriate other peoples invention like it’s their business. I have been a victim so I know how painful it is.

    This is a very nice post and I will bookmark it for reference.

    1. Sometimes, it is hard to know the fake from the original.
      I will advice you buy your makeup from the brand’s makeup studio. That way, you will be sure that you are purchasing the originell as the Germans would say❤

  3. Ebere Chibike

    I bought fake one on the same originell price. It was very annoying. Am still mourning the fake one and l won’t buy another one until am done with the burial of the fake one.

  4. Chioma

    Interesting dear you are really doing a great job have noticed it o one costly powder I bought not even Mac but another product when applying it the crystal will full your cloth then after rubbing to your face will now look like someone that moulted this house Igbo people call ajaoto out of ignorance I kept applying this ajaoto until I decided to stop since is causing me harm than good tks for wonderful piece .God bless.

    1. Awwww, I’m so sorry about that darling and thank you very much for the compliment!
      I always insist on buying makeup from the brand’s shop to ensure everything is original. If I may ask what product is that?

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