I am about to review A DRUGSTORE FOUNDATION IN A JAR but if you stick with me till the end, you will be pushed to send a ‘thank you’ note to me afterwards!

But before I introduce you to the subject of the day, I must first acknowledge all your Christmas wishes on on my last post. Previously, I planned to only gift only two people this Christmas but I have extended it to 5 people. Yes 5 people! To qualify for this giveaway, visit the link below and tell me what you wish from me this Christmas. Goodluck!


2017 Christmas  Giveaway

I am not very experimental with makeup but I guess there is a first time for everything. I am the kind of girl that ditches every other thing once I find a brand that works for me.

If you have been following my blog religiously, you might have encountered one or two posts where I publicly expressed my love for MAC products especially their Studio fix foundation and their Mineralize skinfinish powder because of its great coverage and long-wearing effect even though the smell is a huge turn off. Funky best describes it! But trust me to give you the best review as always. Only do me one favour: read till the end and share the link with your family and friends afterwards. Thank you!

I used MAC here


MAC is a good product but there are many other wonderful products like Maybelline. Today, I will give you a very detailed and honest review of this new foundation I discovered recently. My first exposure to Maybelline products was when I became an ardent reader of Cosmopolitan magazine. Those good ol’ days; I wish they can come back again!

Maybelline has this catchy slogan, ‘MAYBE SHE’S BORN WITH IT’. That alone spurred my interest in this brand which is a subsidiary of L’Oreal. The other interesting thing is their line-up of brand ambassadors like Jourdan DunnMiranda KerrGigi Hadid and my favourite model Adriana Lima. The line-up is fantastisch, as the Germans would say!

Just like FENTY BY RIHANNA, Maybelline is an all-inclusive and a reputable brand. They have something for every colour and I find that very impressive and worth buying. Check out this flawless picture of one of their brand ambassadors Jourdann Dunn.

Jourdan Dunn.
Photo credit: Maybelline


Now when I got this product,  I was curious but I wasn’t expecting less in terms of quality. I wanted something long lasting and not a foundation that will melt under the sun… yes, I have seen some ladies with melting faces, literally!

Maybelline Dream Mat Mousse 055 Almond foundation

This product is soft, velvety and has an amazing coverage. I noticed that it is also a long-wear foundation. What do I mean? It took more than 8 hours before oil seeped through my skin.How amazing? Another thing that cannot be ignored about this product is the light weight feeling and its pores minimization.



Truth be the told, if you consider the packaging first, then you might not purchase this foundation. It comes in an 18ml jar with a very a brown lid but it doesn’t look luxurious one bit! It looks like a posh version of Aboniki balm.

Almond 055

Before I purchased mine, I made sure it was tested on my face to know if it really matches my skin tone and it did. It feels soft in the palm and on the face and luckily, it doesn’t feel sandy at all like some products do. This product is not in liquid form like MAC studio fix but in a matte form.


This matte-like foundation will only set you back 7 Euros. Now that’s super affordable and a great price for such amazing product that comes in an 18ml jar.

Well, well, well!

This product will make your face look so natural and not caked up. Now can I give you one secret? Applying this foundation with your finger tip gives you a superb result!

I will definitely buy this product again because of its lightweight and long-lasting effect. Therefore, I recommend this product for people with oily, dry or combination of both skin types.

You can get yours here!!

Will you buy this foundation? Let’s meet at the comment section!



  1. I thought I was the only one that use Maybelline. All my friends either use blackup or Tara but I always tried to convince that Maybelline is the bomb. I will show them this link.


  2. I will definitely buy this product for my girlfriend if she can find her shade there. You always look put together at all times. Impressive!


  3. Both brands look good on you but you looked more sultry and a million bucks with the Mac makeup while the only thing striking about your Maybelline look is the even skin tone finish. Is it safe to say Maybelline is only for brown girls?


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