I hate wearing makeup without eyeliner but ironically some people hate my preference. It makes me look dull and less sultry but as a beauty blogger, I have to be experimental and serve it hot🤓.

Yesterday, someone asked me why I don’t include YouTube video on my post. Now here’s the answer:

The truth of the matter is that I have recorded several ‘how to..’ videos but I can’t share them here because most of my readers in Nigeria cannot watch them due to its high data consumption. I am really sorry about that but hopefully we will find a middle ground in the future.

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In the meantime, permit me to use pictures on this post until the video issue is sorted out. Thank you!

Step 1- contouring
Without eyeliner
Eyeliner on the left eye; none on the right
Well-lined eyes

For picture both pictures, I used:

Makeup used

1.  Dream mat mousse 055 by Maybelline.I wrote an indepth review of this product here

Maybelline Dream Mat Mousse 055 Almond foundation

2. Pro concealer

Pro concealer- Ulta beauty

3. Ben Nye Setting Powder

Photo credit: Konga

4. MAC Mineralize skinfinish powder

Photo credit: Naked 5

6. Ingot lip paint

Inglot lip paint

7. Zaron volumizing Mascara

Photo credit: Zaron

I wiggled my mascara wand back and forth at the base of my lashes to get some definition and it worked!

Will you go out without lining your eyes?




  1. Ivy

    I hate eyeliner. It makes me look like the worse version of Claudia Winkleman even though I desire Rita Ora’s look. Lol

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