Okra gel as a leave-in-conditioner for natural hair!

Now natural hair has availed me the opportunity to be experimental with plants and oil and that is wonderful. Since I became a naturalista, I’m always on the look out for things that will be beneficial to the hair and skin and also eager to share them with you.

If you just stumbled upon my blog by accident today, then I say a very big welcome to you and I hope you stick with us. But first, permit me to redirect you to this post because I know you will find it useful: How to layer your skincare products.

Okra is an edible vegetable and it used to make delicious okro soup by Africans. It is also good for the skin and hair but today, we will focus more on the benefits of okra for our 4c natural hair.

Okra can be used as a leave-in-conditioner and I promise you that you will fall in love with the slip which is what we always look out for when we purchase our leave-in-conditioners. Personally, I prefer okra to all the leave-in-conditioners in the market because of its many benefits. Okra is cheap and the leave-in-conditioner is very easy to prepare.


1. It adds moisture to our kinks. For someone like me who have a high porosity hair, Okra has helped me tremendously to retain moisture on my 4c natural hair.

2. Okra makes your kinks soft and easy to comb and more manageable.

3. Okra makes the natural hair easy to style and it is also a great detangler.

4. Okra makes the hair very healthy.

5. Okra creates amazing curl definition even better than most curl defining products.

6. With Okra gel, you shouldn’t be afraid of build up or flaking.

7. Okra gel can be used to achieve a beautiful 2 strand twist hairstyle.

8. Okra gel can be used as a leave in conditioner

9. In the absence of a gel, you can use it to lay down your edges.


1. Get the quantity of okra you want.

2. Cut it into pieces.

3. Boil in a distilled water (1 cup) for 15 minutes and add water occasionally  (depending on the quantity you want).

4. Allow it to cool down and use a strainer cloth to sieve the seeds from the slime.

5. When it cools down, add oil of your choice. Vitamin E is good because it can also act as a preservative. I also add some drops of peppermint oil to freshen the smell and to stimulate growth.

Okra gel in my spray bottle

Will you try this on your hair?

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  1. Hey girl,
    I dropped some notes for you yesterday when I couldn’t log in on your blog. You went MIA on us but I’m glad you are back again.

    You are loved!

  2. Chioma, please you people should not make the price of okro to go up ooo. It is the only soup my children like. Lol

    1. There are no proven studies yet, that you can grow your edgeswith okra. However, you can try hot oil treatment using a mixture of essential oils like: lavender, peppermint, cedar, castor oil and vitamin E oil. They help a great deal

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