Hello ‘Classic’ ladies in the house! In my last post, I promised to review a very cheap makeup brand which I call the ‘cheaper version of MAC‘ and today, I am serving it hot! Please make sure you read till the end and share with your friends!

Classic makeup USA is an affordable brand with more ‘fakes’ than original but in a bid to ensure their customers buy only the original products, they ensured a scratch card is pasted on each product. Therefore, when you purchase any Classic makeup USA product, simply scratch the card and send the pin to the designated number to ascertain how original it is.

Classic makeup USA Matifying foundation

I still don’t understand why someone will produce an imitation of a cheap product. Anyway let’s quickly get to the review so you can be acquainted with this product.


Classic makeup USA  claims that this foundation is a ‘Matifying liquid Consealing Foundation which is 100% Natural wear, water proof and oil control.’ I find this claim to be true.

This foundation which can also double as a concealer, comes in a 30g bottle that is engraved with the classic logo. Also, it comes with a black pump which is not functional and has a transparent cap.

I applied the foundation by dipping the straw-like object fitted to the pump inside the foundation and distributed evenly on my face and neck. Then I used my foundation brush to blend it. It is very tasking and I think this method is the easiest way to waste the foundation.

Also, the foundation doesn’t smell wonderful but this foundation covers black spots effectively so you can even skip your concealer if you wish. It gives full coverage but it is ridiculously thick.

Interestingly, I call this product,  the cheaper version of MAC STUDIO FIX. They both give a matte finish with full coverage, blends well and gives good pigmentation.



1. Sadly,  this is not a long wear foundation but you can make it last longer by investing in their Mist and fix setting spray, setting powder and compact powder .

Mist and fix setting spray by Classic

2. After few hours, my face started looking blotchy and gross and needed a touch up.


This foundation costs about 4 Euros but the price varies depending on where you purchased yours. I bought the CF03 shade which is the exact shade for my skin tone.


Not only is this product affordable, it is also awesome for cold weather. However, during the hot weather, this foundation will give you a blotchy look.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed wearing this makeup and I realised that applying it with my Dream mat mousse 055 by Maybelline  gave me an excellent look and increased the longevity. I bought their powder and the setting spray but I will review their other products in the future.

Do you have any product you want me to review? Then send an email to me and I will respond promptly!



  1. Truth be told, this makeup looks fantastic on you and the shade is perfect for your skin tone. I love it and I am looking forward for more makeup tutorials from you. xx


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