Harmattan is a very harsh season and because of that, proper skin regimen should be incorporated if you want to maintain a beautiful skin. Same thing applies to our hair and lips, if your neglect them, then you will most likely suffer from chapped/bleeding lips and dry hair.

If you want to look flawless after your facebeat, then do these:

1. Moisturize!

Shea butter

This keeps the skin supple and nourishes it. If you don’t moisturize before applying your makeup, then you will look ashy and dull. Invest in good moisturizing cream or better still, get a jar of Shea butter which is what I use this season. Always moisturize your face before going to bed so that can your skin will retain its elasticity and look smooth. You can use Argan Oil Night repair serum. I reviewed this product here.

2. Primer


If you are among those that doesn’t use primer before applying your Foundation, then I will ask you to have a rethink. Primer gives your Foundation a base . It smooths texture, boosts coverage and will help your Foundation last longer. You can get one here.

3. Invest in Lightweight foundation

Eve lom foundation

If you use heavy foundation, then now is the time to say goodbye to it. The key is to look as flawless as possible, so heavy foundation might look clumpy and unpleasant to look at. Light weight foundation like EVE LOM LIFT RADIANCE FOUNDATION will give you a glowy look and also help tame any unwanted sheen. The ball is your court. Get one here!


4. Avoid products with alcohol because they will dry your face out. Also make sure you hydrate your skin from inside by drinking lots of water and exercising as much as you can. Sleep on a clean pillowcase as well so you will not be plagued with breakouts.

Enjoy your holiday!




  1. Amaka

    Thanks for sharing babe! Just like you rightly said, my lips are in hot soup because I have been licking my lips to keep it moisturized but the reverse is the case.

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