Hello and welcome to 2018! As surprising as it sounds, 2017 just expired yesterday and will never come back till the world comes to an end. Therefore, it is a privilege to welcome you to 2018, the year of light!

One thing is sure, we will share more informative and detailed posts with you this year and we have many projects in the Pipeline.  So join us if you can.


1. This year, we will Kick iff our ‘Operation End Alopecia Challange’ and it is going to be explosive and life-changing.

Operation end Alopecia

2. Also, ‘My hair, My Pride‘ campaign will also kick off this year. We will show you how to up your confidence level by loving your hair.

My hair, my pride!

3. Again,  we will launch ‘Skin pamper‘ campaign this season using natural products.

Skin pamper

So, this year is truly loaded for us and to join this campaign,  you need to follow us on our facebook page here and also on our Instagram page here

Ich wünsche dir ein gutes, gesundes und erfolgreiches neues Jahr!


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