Traction alopecia is  hair loss problem as a result of tugging, pulling and tight hairstyles overtime. It is a common hair loss problem especially in Africa but with the new campaign we just launched, we hope to successfully end alopecia in Africa. This campaign is called #OPERATIONENDTRACTIONALOPECIAINAFRICA. You can join us by liking our Facebook page here, to get our daily updates.

Traction alopecia occurs when the hair is constantly pulled in a particular position/ when the hair is handled very tightly during braiding and honestly this type of hair loss doesn’t happen in a day; it happens gradually and might result to a full-blown hair loss in overtime.

I was also a victim of traction alopecia and today I want to tell you how i overcame mine. Please take note: your hair recovery wont happen overnight because generally, our hairs grow about half-inch a month but when such damage occurs, it takes some time before you can regrow new hairs on your hair-line.

Recovering from traction alopecia in 2017


1. Installing very tight braid

Source: Google images

I know we all love our braided look but please while getting one, ensure it is not tightened in the roots and also, remember to prep your hair by getting a protein treatment before installing braids. When you neglect the basic steps, then your hair might say goodbye to your scalp.

2. Tight conrows

Google photo

Please run away from very tight conrows because this is exactly how I lost my frontal hair. It all started when my former hairstylist tried to pull  my hair so tightly (including my baby hair to create a ‘neat look’). In the end, I paid dearly with my hair. If you must get conrows, always ensure that your baby hair is left alone. Also make sure you moisturize your hair after getting this hairstyle.

3. Wigs or weavon attached with glue

Google photo

For the love of God, please run away from this style. It doesn’t matter if you will only wear it for a week or month because this will pull your hair especially when it is not done properly.
If you must get this style done, please always insist on using a wig cap. Wear the wig cap first before installing.

4. Tight headbands

Source: http://www.curlynicki.com

Putting our natural hair in sleek bun or fro is the go-to-style for most naturalistas. It looks pretty and girly but when done repeatedly and tightly, it can lead to hair loss. If you wear this style, please make sure you moisturize and wear a loose headband. I always use socks or shoelace and it looks perfect. Read more on how to use shoelace in your hair here.


1. You feel headache as a result of tight bun or fro.

2. You suddenly start seeing blisters filled with pus on your scalp after installing braids.

3. You notice some bald patches on your scalp and suddenly, your scalp becomes very soft and painful.


Traction alopecia

Like I mentioned earlier, traction alopecia cannot be treated overnight. It takes from 4 to 8 weeks before you can see changes. In my previous post where we had a 31 days hair growth Challenge, I listed the hair recovery process daily, but for the sake of my new followers, I will re-list them below.

1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner then air dry.

2: Massage your scalp with PEPPERMINT OIL

3: Massage your scalp for 10 minutes, gently.

4: Eat nuts, Walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, etc.

5: Put your hair in a 2 strand loose twist.

6: Apply few drops of Eucalyptus oil on your frontal hair and massage for 2 minutes.

7: Eat carrots

8: Drink water

9: Drink more water

10: Allow your hair to breathe.

11: Massage your frontal hair with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and peppermint oil.

12. Protect your edges with satin bonnet.

13. Say no to tight hairstyles.

14. Always give your hair protein treatment before and after installing braids.

15. Do not wear a particular hairstyle for more than 5 weeks.

16. Moisturize your roots when your hair is hidden in a protective hairstyles.

17. Contact our hair guru on Healthymaneblog@gmail.com for further examination.

For collaboration and adverts, send an email to chiomaschmitz@gmail.com to enjoy our promo prize.



    1. Dear Nkem,
      To avoid further hair loss, you need to allow the strands of your hair to breathe by putting an end to braid installation for now. Treat your hair using the solution I listed above and all the best!


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