Ok, I was one of the naturalistas who always felt less enthusiastic about my washdays. It felt like chore because I exert alot of energy and time washing my crown till I got the hang of it. Magically, I started looking forward to my washday and even created an easy wash day regimen.

But before we get to my washday regimen, I will like you to know that a good washday regimen is very important in maintaining healthy hair. It makes your hair moisturized and prevents it from breakage.

My washday regimen is a process by which I wash my High porosity hair to infuse it with moisture and to cleanse my scalp. Sticking to a regimen will help your hair grow faster but you must learn about what works for you hair and what doesn’t. Also remember that what works for me might not necessarily work for you, therefore take time to study your hair.



1. Prepoo

Coconut oil

Before I wash my hair, I always prepoo with shea butter or coconut oil. I apply these all over my hair and then I cover my hair with a plastic cap for 30 minutes. I do this so that the shampoo will not strip my hair of its natural oils and I always use a sulphate-free shampoo.

2. Shampoo

Argan oil shampoo

I always have build-ups on my scalp because of the oils I use. For this reason, I always wash my hair in 6 sections using Argan Oil shampoo. I focus more on my scalp because that’s where the build-up occurs.

3. Deep condition

shea moisture

In my early days as a naturalista, I never deep conditioned my hair until I learnt it was one of the reasons why my hair never retained moisture. Since I learnt the hard way, I have never skipped this process and I fell in love with Shea Moisture hair Masque. It makes my kinks bouncy. I apply this product on my hair starting from the tips to the root, but not on my scalp then I cover my hair with a plastic bag  for 45 minutes.

4. Conditioner

Tresemme conditioner

After infusing moisture to my hair through deep conditioning, I wash it off with a conditioner. Lately I have been using Tresemme because it softens the hair.

5. Tea Rinse

Tea rinse

Because of the bad dye job I had last year (which I have since got rid of), I make sure I rinse with black or green tea. It reduces excessive shedding and for that reason, I retain length.

6. LCO method
I have been a huge fan of Okra gel so I have been using it as my leave-in-conditioner. After applying the okra gel, I apply shea butter to seal in the moisture and then I also apply cold-pressed coconut oil, argan oil and sometimes Jamaican black castor oil. I also don’t forget to add few drops of tea tree oil and peppermint oil on my hair tp get rid of dandruff and to boost hair growth.

7. Style
After the whole process, I style my hair and moisturize it daily using my My home-made spritz

Pineapple fro

Do you have a washday regimen? Share with us at the comment section.


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