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Back in January, we introduced to you our 2018 project and one of them was ‘end bleaching in Africa‘. In that post, we wrote about the dangers of bleaching cream (otherwise known as whitening or toning cream) and why you should stop using harmful chemicals on your skin.

It was a journey embedded with lots of valuable lessons.This project was sponsored by me and 11 beautiful ladies signed up for our ‘bleaching  cream  withdrawal classes’ which included a 6 knowledge-filled-courses on the dangers of bleaching cream African ladies are wary of. We went deeper than (surface level) on the topic and below, we will post what these ladies had to say. We will not use their real names to conceal their identities.


‘My big sister was always the ‘most favored’ one because of her light skin and she always rubbed it in my face. She made me feel like being dark skinned is some kind of infectious disease. It became too unbearable for me that I had to visit ‘Yoruba cream mixers’ in Yaba Lagos to buy whitening cream.

I started following their instructions like my life depended on it and before I knew it, I became ‘white’ and addicted.I had to use this product twice a day and the cream was mixed with infusion of lime, lemon and potash. it smells so bad but I had to cover up the smell with perfumes.  Men started giving me attention and I felt beautiful even though on the inside, I knew I had lost my original self. I enjoyed all these until I read an article you wrote about the dangers of bleaching cream.

It struck a chord in me and I reluctantly signed up for your free classes in January and that was the best decision I ever took. I regained my self esteem which I never knew I lost and followed the withdrawal steps which wasn’t easy at first. Now I am dark skinned again, happy and this is my BLEACHING CREAM STORY!’



Today, I feel OK with my God-given skin color but four weeks ago, I was still feeling vulnerable about it- the comments my friends made and the way they looked at me -judgingly! Well I had to remind myself that this was part of the journey that I had to embrace. Advice to others who still use Toning cream. STOP before you harm yourself. Accept whom you are and love yourself.


Thank you Ms Chioma for the nudge you gave me 5 months ago. It wasn’t easy when I stopped using my cream. Damn! That was my expensive Egyptian Half caste milk we are talking about. Well that was my reaction when Chioma told me to stop using my cream. It wasn’t easy because I had spent a lot of money to purchase the bleaching ‘tools’ (cream, soap, knuckle cream, suncreen, etc) to achieve and maintain my ‘oyibo‘ skin. I was the envy of many on Instagram and I became a slayer and somewhat famous on Instagram.

Well, people never knew the hard work that went into that ‘gorgeous skin’ they all wanted- the knuckles cream, the concealer which I used to conceal my knuckles and the dark spots which refused to whiten; always running away from the sun, deleting my old pictures when I was still dark skinned, going extra miles to get to wear makeup all the time so that my brown lips wont be visible, etc. You see, it wasn’t easy to keep up with the hassles but I did for 4 years!

I still remember avoiding people who knew me from way-back-when because they will say something about my changing skin color. I also remember the days I suddenly had darker skin tone, especially when I ran out of my cream. I had to put in extra work to pour my cream in a cocoa butter cream tube so my ex fiancé won’t know I was among the bleaching queens. He hated them and I was always quick to point out that ladies that bleach had low self esteem issues.

 I became a hypocrite, a pretender and a woman I wasn’t proud of. Luckily for me, I decided to embrace my natural skin in all its blackness after I met chioma. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever taken which had severe consequences. My fiancé left me after he found out I was a bleaching queen, not only that – people I knew always tried to find correlations between my new coffee-colored skin and lack of money.

They felt I had become poor and couldn’t ‘maintain‘ my skin any longer. At that point, I became emotionally down and angry at Chioma for making me do this. But in my case,I found light at the end of the tunnel-I  found Christ afterwards and I am taking it one day at a time. I still have issues with my wounds not healing fast because my skin was over stretched by the chemical substances. I suffer hyper pigmentation but I found freedom. I am not an Oyibo. I am a black girl with lots of goals who now sees herself as a queen!

These women were brave to share their stories with us. If you want to stop using bleaching cream, please join our bleaching cream withdrawal class below. It is free! #stopbleachingcreaminafrica

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  1. I am truly sorry that I couldn’t send in my story as I promised earlier because I relapsed. I just realized that I can’t stop applying the toning cream although I know the disadvantages outweigh the benefits but one thing must kill a man and if mine is toning cream, then so be it. I know you tried and I applaud you greatly. Thanks.

  2. God bless you for this. If only our black sisters will understand that no matter the bleaching cream you use you can never be white. It’s more prevalent in Lagos where white is the in thing.
    God bless you jaare!

  3. One thing all these ladies have in common is: low self esteem but I am glad you helped then regain their self kudos. But I still think they need to see a therapist because they might have an undiagnosed mental illness. What do you think?

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