Guten Morgen! So today, we are going to talk about something different from skincare. From the title, you already have an idea what our theme is about,  but here is the reason why I chose to share this post with you now.

Through personal research, I noticed that there are little or no information on this topic and many people come to Germany with false expectations only to be hit by the sad reality.

Therefore, I’m sharing this post with you to educate you on what to expect if you plan to move to Germany in the future.

Germany is a beautiful country in Central west  Europe that shares border with France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Austria etc. With your German Visa or Schengen Visa, you can visit more than 26 countries in Europe.

Germany has been my home for sometime and the opportunities and workable system in Germany makes you thrive.

But as a Black girl in Germany, your expectations are different from the others. So here are some below:

1. In Germany, you would never experience catcalls.

For Nigerian ladies, this might sound weird to you but it is the reality. And when you are ignored by men on the streets,don’t feel you are not beautiful because you don’t get free rides and ‘hello fine girl’ comments anymore. You will probably get stares all the time but that’s it!

2. In Germany, you don’t wear tons of makeup.

Now, this is not a rule but when you live here, you will notice that a large percentage of girls here go out with little or no makeup.

My advice: take care of your skin and you will fall in love with your glow. You can get my book on how to take care of your skin here.

3. You will have a sudden darker shade in Germany.

Don’t be surprised when this happens. You don’t even need to go out to the sun for this to happen so just be prepared for it. I believe the German weather is extremely harsh. When it’s cold, it is piercingly cold and when it is hot, it is scorching.

Now this explains the reason why I am now darker!!

My advice: To counter this, you need to take zinc tablet daily and don’t use German body lotion because most of them contains bronzing elements.

4. You will spend tons of money to braid your hair.

By Nigerian standards, this is very expensive. I spend between 150- 200 Euros to braid my hair which is between 60 to 80,000 Naira. My advice: learn how to take care of your hair by yourself or invest in wigs.

5. You MUST learn Deutsch. ( Du musst Deutsch sprechen)

Deutsch is the official language in Germany so if you want make here your home, you need to speak German. You can start from the A1 level which is one of the visa requirements for long term visas.

You need at least a pass mark of 60 before you can apply for your visa. Deutsch is hard because of the different genders, long words and difference in pronunciation but the faster you learn it, the better for you.

My advice : before you come to Germany, sign up for an intensive training with Goethe institut.

6. Embrace your ‘Africanness’

There is a billboard sign that reads ‘Anders ist besser ‘ in Germany even though the contest by which it is used has gay undertone.

But really, being different is better. Black girls look exotic and radiate grace and perfection. So if you are a black girl, don’t try to bleach your skin or wear fake hairs to feel accepted.

Wear your natural hair or simple braids! German girls are so proud of their hairs that you’d never see a typical German girl wearing fake hair!

My advice: don’t be ashamed for being African. Walk with confidence and you will be glad you did.

7. The standard and the cost of living in Germany is high.

Yep! Expect to pay from 600 euros upwards as house rent MONTHLY! In Germany, you pay for everything, parking space, everything!

8. You must join the ‘recycle gang ‘

In Germany, we recycle a lot and you get money for it – 25 cents for one bottle. You also need to have different thrashbags at home: one for plastic and the other for papers and always remember that thrash collectors come every Wednesday (in my area) so set a reminder.

9. You must book appointments!

I know how weird this sounds but you must book an appointment to see your dentist, your dermatologist, your therapist etc which might take more than one month.

Also, you need an appointment to visit your friends and family here in Germany. You can never go to most offices without an appointment so always book ‘Termin‘ – appointment before you go to any office.

My advice: just book an appointment!

10. Always ask questions.

Germans are very nice people and they are always willing to help. So if you need help finding some shops, then ask someone.

You can say: Entschuldigung! Bitte wo finde ich die Röcke? Excuse me, please where can I find skirts?

11. Download a weather report app

Before you go out, always make sure that you check the Weather report for the day and dress appropriately. It can be so cold in Germany so get good jackets and pullovers.

12. Always look out for the traffic sign

Before, crossing the road, always make sure the pedestrian crossing light is on green and walk majestically. Here, the pedestrians are the King.

13. You need health insurance

Without this, you will spend thousands of Euro to get treatment in Germany. So make sure you get one. I use AOK and they are fantastic!

14. You must pay your tax

Please don’t ever think about tax evasion. ALWAYs pay your tax. ALSO as a Christian, you will pay one percentage of your income as Church tax.

Remember to mention this to the officer at the Ausländerbehorde when registering in your new city of residence.

That’s the end of the post and I hope you enjoyed it. Let’s meet at the comments section if you have any questions. Auf wiedersehen!

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  1. John

    Wow, what an insightful post!I still recount my visit to Germany in 2006 and how much they love their Wurst . Lol
    You skipped the German delicacies! 😂

  2. Emeka

    please share tips on how one can get visa quickly and the kind of jobs available for Nigerians. Thanks and God bless.

  3. Adaeze Okeke

    I find this very useful since I will be moving Berlin in Winter. I hope I have same beautiful experience as you and probably get married to a German. So help me God. Amen=

  4. Ogechi

    You mentioned in one of the comments that getting a job in Germany is not a problem. So I want to ask..does this apply to only graduates? Does our result matter over there? Thanks for sharing this.

    1. No matter the educational qualification, there are Jobs for everyone but if you want jobs where you can earn very good money, then you should of course be a graduate and know how to speak German.

      Meanwhile, our Nigerian certificates are accepted here!
      Best of luck!

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