So, it’s officially Summer here in Germany and we are all flaunting our bikini bodies, swimming like fishes, enjoying the seasonal sunny weather and eating different flavours of ice cream daily. Lecker!


But while we are at it, we should never forget to give our skin the Tender loving care she deserves. For this reason, I will be introducing you to the products I use this summer which was a gift from the best multinational online pharmacy widely famous for selling quality cosmetics, vitamins, beauty products and non prescription drugs : NEWPHARMA

Few days ago, I received a summer box from Newpharma and the box contained 9 lovely products which have become my summer holy grail. These products were selected specifically for my skin type and I am happy to announce to you that they have products for ALL skin types and very affordable as well.



Micellar water from Eucerin


This product is a necessity for all ladies because it contains some cleansing properties which helps to remove every trace of makeup from your face without drying out or irritating your skin. So instead of using make up removal pads which are always scented and dry out the face afterwards, why not invest in this product? I used this cleansing fluid to get rid of my makeup on Friday night and I was wowed with how moisturized and clean my face felt afterwards. Get yours here.


Shower gel from La Roche-Posay 

I noticed that little goes a long way with this shower gel. It lathers so well and the smell on the other hand is heavenly! This shower gel is ‘dope’ and I will give it a 5 star rating because the fragrance lingers for a long time. Who needs a perfume after using La Roche- Posay? Get one tube at a discounted price here.


 Deodorant from Rogé Cavaillès 


I can confidently say this without bating my eyelids: ‘THIS IS NOT YOUR REGULAR DEODORANT’. Roge Cavailles Dermato deodorant is one of the products that when your discover, you cant help but give it glowing reviews. This deodorant contains no aluminium and when I sprayed this under my armpit, I noticed that it didn’t streak down, rather it dried up immediately.

The downside is minimal white patches under my armpit, but it is barely noticeable. This is a perfect gift idea for your girlfriends or sisters this summer and the packaging is so luxurious. Get yours here.


  Cleansing gel from Uriage  

I have a love/hate feeling with this cleansing gel. It really purified my skin and gave me a ‘clean’ feeling but, I noticed that it dried out my skin afterwards. However, I think it will benefit people with oily skin so much , but please make sure you use a serum or moisturizer afterwards. I used the Vichy 89 moisturizer afterwards and my face felt so soft and fresh. Click here to get yours.

 Thermal water spray from Vichy 

I was skeptical at first because I had never used Thermal water before, but this is now my holy grail. As a girl with acne-prone skin, I was worried that the 15 minerals in this thermal water will give me fresh breakouts, but I was wrong. It made my skin softer and keeps breakouts at bay.

I use it before applying my Vichy 89 moisturizer and also before applying my makeup. It sets the makeup up so well and it is very refreshing to the skin especially when it is refrigerated. I love this product and I will recommend to everyone regardless of your skin type.  Always make sure you seal in the moisture afterwards with Vichy serum. Get yours here.


Moisturising booster from Vichy

This product has very high concentration of Vichy Thermal mineralizing water. Vichy Mineral 89 is a combination of serum and moisturizer in one tube. I love this product because it is non-greasy and very lightweight. It contains NO oil, parabens, alcohol, fragrance etc. In fact, what you see is what you get. This product is suitable for all skin types and I have nothing bad to say about it. Get yours here.


Anti dark circles care product from Remescar 

My husband and I used this product together and I can say that this anti dark circles cream works like magic. It makes all your dark circles disappear in less than 2 minutes. Remescar anti dark circle cream tightens, brightens and fades wrinkles in your eyes region. Splurge on this eye cream now and thank me later!

I usually apply eye cream with my pinky finger because the eye area is so delicate and using the thumb or the index finger might exert lots of pressure on the region. The downside includes:

1. It leaves chalky residue when the product dries off.

2. It contains so little product and is somewhat expensive but then, little goes a long way.

This is a perfect gift idea for your friends and even parents who have bags under their eyes. Check it out here.


Also, I received Sample moisturizing cream from Clinique and Sample body lotion from Château Rouge.

I am not really gushing over these products because I got them for free because I wouldn’t endorse anything if they don’t work. So if you really want a ‘Beyonce’ skin (a very supple and clear skin) then visit NEWPHARMA.DE  and please don’t forget to share your experience with me (whether good or bad).

Please let me know your thoughts below.

Thank you NEWPHARMA.DE  for these gifts

Visit www.newpharma.de to buy your original skin products!



  1. I have never heard about any of these skincare products but I will sure check them out. Meanwhile, you look deliciously hot in your picture up there. xx


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