Going to an esthetician : Yay or Nay?

I was at a transitional phase in my life ; skincare not excluded. For many years, I tried to get my once flawless skin back but the results were mostly fleeting until 4 months ago. After my trip to Africa in September 2019, my skin broke out, wildly. Neither the AHA’s nor the Glycolic Acids could tame my beloved face. It’s ironic how the people who dish out skincare advice, find themselves in a position where they need some Advice themselves. Laugh if you want.

Don’t get me wrong, all the skin care techniques or products that I’ve blogged about work. But like all things in life, you continue to experiment until you find what works for you, then you stick to it. The goal is finding a permanent solution to your skin care issues!

So after my last visit to my dermatologist, she asked me to see an esthetician after she prescribed some cream to keep my acne and skin irritations under control. The cream (Azelaic acid) helped but it didn’t completely fade the acne scars until I met my esthetician.

She is the best esthetician I’ve ever worked with. She started by educating me on the products I use and how I was probably doing the most to my skin. I had a penchant for buying expensive skin care products which I shouldn’t have bought in the first place.
I was sad to bid goodbye to all my skincare products. Yes ALL! But I suck it up and focused on the bigger picture – achieving a clearer skin!

What does my new skin care regimen look like?
Well, it is nothing fancy. I go to my esthetician every 3 weeks and I get the following treatments which I listed underneath. However, we do not try all these methods at once because they are mostly intensive treatments. Not only that, she customizes the treatments based on my skin needs.

For example, I get the microdermabrasion treatment once a month to get rid of my sunburn and honestly, it works but it leaves my face sore and bruised for some days.


Some of the treatments are:
1. Peeling
2. Extraction
3. Microdermabrasion
4. High Frequency Electrode
5. Masks
6. Facial Steamer
7.Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbers and many other intensive treatments she offers.

NOTE: make sure you visit a dermatologist before going to an esthetician in order to diagnose your skin care problems and to treat you properly.

jan 2020

My skin is not quite there yet, but it is a lot more healthier than before and the changes are visible. Please kindly share this post and subscribe to my blog if you enjoyed reading this post. Thank you!