Yves Rocher is one of the leading names in the vegan skincare industry. This French company has been producing eco friendly products for the past 60 years and I will review some of their products which I have  personally used.

But before I proceed to the review, I will like to share with you the reason why I use eco friendly products. It wasn’t a jumping-the-bandwagon kind of thing but my quest for achieving a pristine skin led me to them. Not only that, I decided to use eco friendly products because they are mostly chemical-free. However it is important to state that most people might have allergic reactions towards  most natural products. When this happens to you, then discontinue the usage of the product and see your doctor in severe case.


1. Sebo Pure vegetal cleansing soap.

This facial cleansing soap has triple responsibility : cleansing, peeling and getting rid of Blackhead. The first five ingredients include : water, propylene glycol. Sodium laureth sulfate, glycerine and prunus Armeniaca ( apricot seed powder).

This product helps to fight against acne and blackhead and continous usage shows a brighter and clearer skin within few weeks.

However, this product doesn’t lather well like the other products I’ve used in the past but it is really gentle on the skin.

2. Yves Rocher Elixir Jeunesse Essence

All thanks to the K beauty. I never knew Essence was a thing. Let’s say I’m always late to the party.

Essence is the 4 step in the Korean skincare routine and it is in fact the heart of Korean skincare. It helps the skin to absorb all the products.

This essence by Yves Rocher is the bomb, in every sense of it. It hydrates the skin and protects the skin from environmental pollution. It also delays the aging process and brightens up the face.

3. Sebo Vegetal Serum

This is serum smells like coconut oil and very works effectively to to hydrate the skin and protect the skin from environmental pollution. This serum is very suitable for people with acne prone skin. It doesn’t give the skin an oily look, rather, it absorbs into the face like the essence.

4.Yves Rocher Eye Cream

Eye Cream

This is my perfect gift idea for people between 20- 35 years. It moisturizes the delicate eye area without leaving a coat. It also smells nice and the application is very easy. it comes with metallic rollers which help distribute the product evenly. However, it is advisable to use this product withing 6 months after unsealing it.

5. Yves Rocher Day and Night moisturizer

This moisturizing cream really keeps the face moisturized all the day long. it smells wonderful and you will notice a smoother face 1 week after usage. It is highly recommended.

This post was written in June 2019 and I have since changed my skin care products. I hope to share them with you guys soon.Thank you very much for reading!

Photo Credits -www.chiomaschmitz.com and http://www.yvesrocher.de