90,877 visitors? Unbelievable right?

First of all, I’d like to thank each and everyone of you who’ve helped me reach this milestone and to everyone who’ve stuck with me from the first day when I started this blog three years ago. You guys are truly amazing! All of you!

I really must confess that my blogging took the back pedal lately because of my work and of course my new book (Migration des Herzens Band 2) and striking a healthy balance which I badly crave, is not forthcoming. Please bear with me and if you have Tips on how I can successfully combine my 9 to 5 job, my writing job and blogging, I’d appreciate your mail.

A quick response to those who’ve been asking for the English edition of my German book (Migration des Herzens). I honestly don’t know when the English translation will be released but I’ll keep you posted!

Also, I will no longer be blogging about 4c natural hair because I don’t wear my hair in its loose form anymore. Which is the reason why I archived many posts from my blog which doesn’t align with my new direction.

But on the flip side, I’ll be writing more about skin care and fragrances because these are two topics that I’m very passionate about. This actually my forte!

Why perfume you may ask?

chiomaschmitz/ perfumes

I got interested in Perfumes when I was 20 after meeting some influential people whose fragrances I’d never forget in my lifetime.

These memorable encounters spurred my interest in Fragrances and I also believe that smelling good is the best gift you can gift to the people you meet here on earth. I know it sounds unbelievable and vain but I’m actually talking from experience.

When I meet people who smell good, I feel very much at ease around them and it gives me an instant mood boost!


1. How Many perfumes do I own?

At the moment, I have about 15 bottles of perfume. It was a lot more than that but I usually gift out my perfumes whenever I got tired of them. My Collection includes:

° L´Interdit Givenchy (Edition Couture)

° Bottega Veneta Illusione Eau de Parfum

° Mont Blanc Signatur Eau de Parfum

° Bacarrat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum

° Gisada Ambassador Eau de aprfum

° Bottega Veneta XV Salvia Blu

° Guerlain Joyeuse Tubereuse Eau de Parfum

° Armani Prive Rose Milano Eau de Toilette

° Tiziana Terenzi Extrait de Parfum

° Bvlgari Splendida Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum

° Lancome La vie est belle eau de aprfum

° Ariana Grande Cloud eau de Parfum

° Carolina Herrera Good Girl eau de Parfum

° Yves St Laurent Black Opium

° Chloe Eau de Parfum

My perfume Collection 2020

2. What’s my favourite perfume?

I actually have more than 3 favourite perfumes:

* Bacarrat Rouge 540 Extrait de perfume

* Bottega Veneta XV Salvia Blu

* Guerlain Joyeuse Tubéreuse Eau de Parfüm.

3. What’s the least favourite perfume in my collection?

I absolutely hate Chloe because the scent is so faint and defeats the purpose of wearing a perfume in the first place.

4. How much do my perfumes cost?

Well, I don’t have an expensive collection like say Jeremy Fragrance but as at 20.08.2020, my collection is worth €1650.

5. My best notes

Saffron, Sage, Bitter Almond, Rose and Bergamot.

6. My best Niche Perfume

Bacarrat Rouge 540 Extrait de perfume and Guerlain Joyeuse Tubéreuse Eau de Parfum

7. My best Designer’s Perfume

Good Girl Carolina Herrera, Givenchy L’interdit and YSL Black Opium.

8. My worst buy

White Fire by Tiziana Terenzi.

9. How to spray a perfume

Use the five point method : back of your neck, back of your ears and two sprays on your clothes.

10. Splurging on niche or designers perfume?

I’d say both.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!