We’ve all been there – buying Skincare produts just because of the online raves they garnered from Celebrities – to Instagram Influencers and even our bosom Friends. We tend to all want that glassy-dewy look that the ‘Korean’ Skincare industry promote, which is perfectly okay.

I must, however mention that there is absolutely nothing wrong with striving for a flawless skin, which to me is still #GOALS! But, If you are still muling over the idea of splurging on a particular skincare product just becuase it’s on the lips of evryone, then stop and read this post before wasting your money on something you probably do not even need in the first place.


  1. Eyecream. I was among those preaching the importance of Eyecream and even made a post about it here . However, I am here to tell you that an Eyecream is not necessarily a necessity in your skincare routine. It is what most Dermatologists and Estheticians refer to as a ‘glorified moisturizer’. If you feel the need to use an eyecream because of dark circles, then be aware that applying an eyecream will not fix your dark circles. So next time you think of falling back on eyecream when you get dark circle or wrinkles in the eye area, then I’ll advise you snap out of it. Instead, try to get more sleep and eat fruits and Vegetables which help to give a more youthful glow. You can also up your multivitamin intake. I personally take Collagen Multivitamins for a more taut and firm skin.
  2. Expensive Shower gels. Nobody needs this to be honest. It is a way the marketing companies make sure that they fleece us out of our hard-earned money. A drugstore Shower gel will achieve the same purpose without putting a dent on your pocket , while ensuring that you stay and smell clean.
  3. Sheet Mask. One year ago, when I tried out ‘The 10 Step Korean Skincare which I documented here‘, I spent a lot of money buying Sheet masks which are only a tissue cloth soaked in a hyaluronic acid. For me, it is a skincare product with a Placebo effect which you don’t really need. Investing in a good Hyaluronic acid will save you a lot of money. On the other hand, you can still use sheet masks occasionally after exfoliating your face because of its calming effect.
  4. Toner. This skincare product is so unecessary. Yes, it has a soothing effect when you spray them during the hot weathers, however it doesn’t really have a proven scientific effect. In essence, you can truly live without them. Replacing this skincare product with something like a green Tea or Chamomile Tea which has an amazing effect on our skin, should be considered. I elaborated more on the effects and how to use Chamomile Tea here

Whatever skincare products you choose to buy is totally up to you and your budget, but make sure you research on the effects of a product before buying them to avoid a waste buy!

Thank you very much for reading this post and please do not forget to read my other skincare Tips.

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